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RUSH: Now, we have the bite of Mrs. Clinton talking about the kid and his video games. I got the price wrong. Somebody told me ten dollars, or $22. It was $422 bucks that the kid raised selling his stuff. Here’s Mrs. Clinton talking about it last night in Louisville.

HILLARY: I’m thinking again about Dalton Hatfield, the 11-year-old from Kentucky who sold his bike and his video games to raise money to support my campaign. And then he asked others to give, too, and he was able to really give me a boost, and this week I finally had the chance to meet him in Prestonsburg, and to say, ‘Dalton, thank you so much. The $422 you raised helped carry the day in Kentucky!’

RUSH: All right, we fleece 11-year-olds in the Clinton campaign, 11-year-olds sell everything their parents ever bought ’em, go out there, raise 422 bucks, and the Clintons keep it and then brag about it and then give the 11-year-old kid credit for the victory in Kentucky, when we all know it was Operation Chaos. But no, no, no, no, no. I’m not jealous about this. (laughing) What’s the combined net worth, $109 million or something like that? I know she’s in debt. That’s another thing. She has borrowed money from herself. She’s lent her campaign money. Now, I’m going to guarantee you something. These people, the Clintons, money, money, money, it matters to them as much as anything does. It’s inseparable from power as far as they’re concerned. She wouldn’t be spending this kind of money if she thought it was just going down the drain with no hope. She would not be spending this money if she didn’t think it was going to pay off, and I simply mention this to you to give you an idea of what’s going on inside her head. In her mind, nowhere near defeat. What’s defeat? It’s not over yet. We still have two primaries and this thing in Puerto Rico to go, and we got the bylaws and rules committee on the 31st, then we got the convention. Yeah-h-h-h-h-h — just imagine for the fun of this, if they get through a first ballot with nobody having enough delegates. Oh, oh, my friends, what a show that would be. If they get through the first ballot and nobody wins — (laughing) — then the superdelegates, oh, that would be worth watching.

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