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RUSH: It has been noted, ladies and gentlemen, by observant staff here at the EIB Network that the opening stanzas of the great feminist theme I Am Woman by Helen Reddy that I just played, I started out sympathetic and understanding and then flipped halfway through it, became rather caustic towards Mrs. Clinton. I am mad at her. I am the Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos. I have a thriving US Operation Chaos fashion line available at my website, RushLimbaugh.com, and I am mad if this is true that she’s going to quit, I am mad. He’s not going to have the delegates. The superdelegates are not committed until they actually vote at the convention. Here, something else, I’m changing all around here on you, Ed, substitute engineer today. I want you to go out and grab audio sound bite number 13.

You have heard, ladies and gentlemen, of the rumor that there is a secret tape of Michelle Obama at the pulpit at her husband and her church, the church of Reverend Wright, the church of Otis Moss, the church of Father Pfleger. You have heard that Republican operatives have this tape. They are waiting for the precise moment to drop this tape. On this tape, which I can’t find anybody who’s seen it, by the way, and I must tell you that the guy behind this tape is the same guy who said that Karl Rove had been indicted by Fitzgerald in the Plame case. The rumor is — and we don’t like dealing with rumors here — but the rumor is that Michelle Obama from the pulpit of this church used the term ‘whitey.’ Some are saying be very careful with this because she might have said ‘why’d he,’ why did he, the contraction why’d he, instead of whitey. At any rate, Bob Beckel was on Fox and Friends today early in the morning. Cohost Alisyn Camerota is talking to him about this tape.

BECKEL: I always hear rumors, I get thousands of them in the course of a presidential campaign, but this one I’ve heard from enough sources, it worries me. I won’t give any details of what it is except to say that there is some thought that there might be a very big shoe dropping on Michelle Obama tomorrow.

CAMEROTA: Wait a minute.

BECKEL: Yeah. I can’t tell you what it is because I don’t want to perpetrate the rumors, but I will tell you this, it is — whoever is promoting this thing is doing it in enough ways, in a very smart way that it gets to me in ways that make me get worried about it. Normally I don’t worry about these things.

CAMEROTA: But it is your understanding that this is bigger than, say, a college thesis paper?

BECKEL: Significantly.

RUSH: Yeah. We assume this is what Beckel is talking about. Beckel’s been an Obama guy, hasn’t he? Beckel’s been an Obama guy all along. He’s not in the Hillary camp. So here’s Beckel on Fox today saying he’s genuinely worried about this, whatever it is, this tape that they’re going to drop on the Obama campaign tomorrow. Why would they drop it tomorrow? Beckel’s fear is, well, that’s when Hillary quits. Hillary quits tonight or basically concedes, and then they drop this tape on Obama or on Michelle. So we’ll just have to wait and see. But we still have very many avenues open to us as far as Operation Chaos is concerned. I always knew that there was going to have to be a phase two, because eventually the primaries were going to end, as they’re going to end today. So what direction does Operation Chaos take? Have no fear, ladies and gentlemen. Operation Chaos will proceed, it will continue, and there will be plenty of involvement for those of you in our listening audience to participate. But it would be somewhat easier if Mrs. Clinton would hang in there. It appears that she’s not going to.


RUSH: You know it is a good question: Why would Hillary Rodham Clinton grt out of this race tonight if there is this Michelle Obama bomb of a tape that’s going to drop somewhere soon, sometime soon down the line, and of course Ickes and McAuliffe are out there, ‘She’s not going to quit tonight. This AP story is wrong. She will concede the delegates,’ whatever that means. We will know by virtue of what she says tonight in her speech, we will know if she believes that there is some damaging drop on Michelle (My Belle) Obama to happen sometime soon. I’ll tell you something else that gives credence to the rumor, and these kind of rumors, this has been going around for so long, Beckel’s right, it’s hard to ignore this, it’s been out there for so long. They still make me uncomfortable. But when you look, Obama quits his church this past weekend after Father Pfleger goes nuts in there. This could all be part of the timing because they know this thing is going to come to, this tape, whatever it is, Michelle Obama and whitey.

So we’ll just have to wait and see. But I think Hillary’s speech tonight will give us an indication, because she’s been hanging around in this thing for one reason — well, more than one — but one of the major reasons she’s been hanging around is hoping Obama would screw up or that somebody would have something on Obama that they would drop. The Clintons don’t have it. They would have used it by now. So somebody else has it. Supposedly this tape is in the hands of Republican operatives. If it were in the hands of Republican operatives, I would wait and drop this thing after the Democrat convention. I would wait ’til Obama’s got it sewed up. So we’ll just have to see. Too many unanswered questions about it.

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