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“Millions of Americans are thrilled that the Clintons are almost finished. We are thisclose to having the house fall on the Wicked Witch.”

“The people responsible for nominating McCain have guaranteed that they are just a Democrat Party Lite, and when you have a chance to vote for a real Democrat or a Democrat Lite, you’re going to vote for the real one.”

“Bill Clinton got such a free ride from the media for all these years, so for all these Drive-Bys to talk now about how what he says is not befitting of someone who once occupied the Oval Office… Hell, he wasn’t fit to occupy the Oval Office!”

“Don’t be sad, Karen. This is a day of glory! You have participated in one of the most phenomenal political operations in the history of the world! You have participated in Operation Chaos!”

“Bob Wildrick, who is the CEO of Jos. A. Bank, sent me a little note: ‘Hey, did you remember to tell people that I am the best-looking, most eligible bachelor on Palm Beach because I wear my own clothes?’I said, ‘No, but I’ll take care of it today.'”

“I hated that song — I Am Woman — when I was a DJ and had to play it, and I hate it now.”

“You’re much better equipped and able to make the most of your life than anybody else is — including your wife, your husband, your kids. You do it! This is not a sin; it’s called greatness! It’s called, ‘individual responsibility’.”

“I know Bush’s approval numbers are what they are, and I know that politicians follow numbers and polls and that kind of thing, but I thought McCain — in addition to being his own man — was a man.”

“George Bush isn’t hated. People may disapprove of his job, but they do not dislike him. And whatever else Senator McCain’s campaign thinks about George W. Bush, the one thing you can’t question is his love for the country and his desire to keep it safe.”

“The shirt I’m going to wear tonight says, ‘Blinded by the Light: Save the Turtles.'”

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