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RUSH: It has been discovered, ladies and gentlemen, that Barack Obama may be a quasi-plagiarist. From YouTube, we have the audio here of a montage of Governor Mario ‘the Pious’ Cuomo at his 1984 Democrat National Convention keynote speech in San Francisco; and Obama’s speech from Tuesday night, the Democrat nomination victory speech. So we will go to Obama, and then the Cuomo similarity, and then Obama and Cuomo, Obama, in that order. So we’ll hear Obama first and we’ll hear Cuomo say at what Obama had ripped off.

OBAMA: John McCain has spent a lot of time talking about trips to Iraq in the last few weeks, but maybe if he spent some time taking trips to the cities and towns that have been hardest hit by this economy (cheers) — cities in Michigan and Ohio and right here in Minnesota — he’d understand the kind of change that people are looking fo’.

CUOMO: Maybe, maybe, Mr. President, had you visited some more places, maybe if you went to Appalachia where some people still live in sheds.

OBAMA: Maybe if you went to Iowa and let the student who works the night shift after a full day of class and still can’t pay the medical bills for a sister who’s ill, he’d understand she can’t afford four more years of a health care plan that only takes care of the healthy and the wealthy.

CUOMO: Maybe if you went to Lackawanna where thousands of unemployed steelworkers wonder why we subsidize foreign steel.

OBAMA: Maybe — maybe if John McCain went to Pennsylvania and he met the man who lost his job but can’t even afford the gas to drive around and look for a new one, he’d understand we can’t afford four more years of our addiction to oil from dictators.

CUOMO: Maybe, Mr. President, if you stopped in at a shelter in Chicago and spoke to the homeless there…

OBAMA: And maybe if John McCain spent some time in the schools of South Carolina or St. Paul, Minnesota — or where he spoke tonight in New Orleans, Louisiana — he’d understand that we can’t afford to leave the money behind for No Child Left Behind.

CUOMO: Maybe, Mr. President, if you ask a woman who had been denied the help she needed to feed her children because you’ve said you needed the money for a tax break for a millionaire or for a missile we couldn’t afford to use. (cheers) Maybe, Mr. President, but I’m afraid not.

RUSH: Now, this just illustrates the point that not only is there a little plagiarism going on but it’s just a repetition of the Democrat liberal playbook. Nothing is new for these people. Here’s Mario Cuomo, this is 24 years ago, sounding the call of class envy. The Democrats use it as a constant. And Obama uses the same themes, the same rhetorical style, the same accusations 24 years later. In those 24 years we have had a Clinton administration! We have had record federal spending. Federal spending has skyrocketed through the roof to the point now that we’re over $3 trillion federal budget every year. And yet the Democrats don’t change the tone. The country’s still horrible. Everybody’s just a paycheck away from losing their jobs and becoming homeless. Everybody is just miserable. It’s a soup line! There is no prosperity, there is no opportunity for prosperity, there is no hope — unless we elect Democrats. And so you see why I keep saying there’s nothing new about Obama. There’s nothing new about what he thinks. There’s nothing new about what he says, and there really isn’t anything new about how he says it. The liberal view of America is in the permanent state of decline, and this really sort of focuses and synthesizes the liberal view of this country: a permanent state of decline. When it’s not. America is constantly growing. There are more new jobs, more new opportunities, more prosperity, more wealth. Yeah, we’re going through an economic bubble at the moment, but things are far better today than they were in the 1980s in terms of American greatness and growth and so forth, but they see a permanent state of decline. They see no America exceptionalism. They want everybody to believe that everybody else in this country is barely making it, barely hanging on, and that the only solution to this is more and more of what has created the poverty circumstances that the Democrats decry. Because it is liberalism that creates poverty, promotes poverty, extends poverty, and spreads it, and they want eight more years of power to keep doing it.

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