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Rush’s Morning Update: Drive-By Remorse
June 10, 2008

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Now that Hillary Clinton has “suspended” her campaign, some Drive-By journalists are soul-searching. AP writer David Bauder laments that his fellow Drive-Bys spent more time speculating when Mrs. Clinton would call it quitsthan they did covering the Iraq war, gas prices, foreclosures, or trying to nail John McCain to the wall.

None of this was fair to the victim, Mrs. Clinton. Tom Brokaw said, “It was inappropriate, for journalists especially, to try to cut the process short.” “There was an awful lot of commentary disguised as reporting that gave the impression that people were trying to shove her out of the race,” Brokaw complained. John Harris, the editor-in-chief of The Politico website, scolded that it’s “not the job of reporters to be like ‘The Gong Show’ and hoot candidates off the stage.” Could have fooled me… and, I’m sure,Hillary.

Yes, the Drive-Bys were– once again– too hard on the Clintons? AP’s David Bauder says this pack journalism was due to…fatigue: “Many reporters are overworked, trying to follow the story, report for their publications, and write for blogs[.]”

Of course, Bauder makes no mention of Operation Chaos –the brilliant strategery that kept Mrs. Clinton’s campaign alive and competitive in the midst of the Drive-By Media gangland-style execution.

Nor does he mention that this Drive-By remorse is reserved strictly for Democrats. When the Drive-Bys knock off Republicans, they consider it a job well done– and they quickly line up the next victim to knock off.

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