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RUSH: Our buddies at NewsBusters, Mark Finkelstein today, has a post. Andrea Mitchell. It’s really funny. Republican operative Frank Donatelli was chatting this morning with a friend, he’s e-mailing or IMing, instant messaging with a friend in London, and he’s got MSNBC on in the background, Scarborough’s show; and he’s listening to what he thinks is an Obama campaign worker describe some policy; and he looks at Andrea Mitchell of NBC News. So Donatelli says, ‘Wow, this is Andrea Mitchell. I thought I was listening to an Obama campaign official.’

Anyway, what was happening here was Andrea Mitchell was saying that ‘the old-fashioned supply-side economics of McCain’s versus Obama’s centrist economics is oriented toward helping people.’ Now, two things — and then there’s a column by Jim Wooten today, James Wooten, at the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation in which he’s a little upset (and we have been here as well) over the fact that the Republicans are playing patty-cake and pussyfoot with Obama and that we’re not going to be prepared to attack the guy. And they quote Huckabee as saying he thinks we should not, as a party, demonize Obama. Now, how does Huckabee define ‘demonizing’ Obama? Huckabee defines demonizing Obama by calling him a ‘liberal senator.’ So we are demonizing Obama if we call him a liberal anything and Huckabee thinks we shouldn’t do it. There’s a guy in Oklahoma — a bitter clinger, a Democrat congressman or whatever from Oklahoma. His last name is Boren, I think.

He’s not going to endorse Obama. He’s going to vote for him at the convention, but he’s not gonna to endorse him and he’s not going to vote for him because he’s too liberal. So Democrats can say Obama’s too liberal, but Huckabee says that our guys can’t do it ’cause that’s demonizing Obama. Then there’s an LA Times story today about the Republicans preparing to make mincemeat of Michelle (My Belle) Obama and how that wouldn’t be wise. And they quote Frank Luntz! They got hold of Frank Luntz, Fox News’ favorite pollster, and Frank Luntz says, ‘I hate the fact that they’re going to do this, that they’re going to attack Michelle Obama. I hate the fact they’re going to do it. Why, it’s just unseemly!’ I’m paraphrasing. ‘It’s just unseemly.’ This is if the LA Times got this right. We always have to acknowledge that I’m often misquoted out of context.

We have to allow for the fact this might have happened here with Luntz. But they quote him as saying (I’m paraphrasing it) that it’s just not right to take basically a political neophyte like Michelle Obama, who doesn’t quite yet understand what it’s like to be in the fire of politics, and treat her like she’s a veteran. ‘I hate that we’re going to do this,’ Luntz is quoted as saying. Now, here is the thing going on, two things going on. There are two things going on. The Drive-By Media is trying its best, trying its hardest to mainstream Obama’s radicalism — and they’re also trying to demonize Republicans and conservatives who criticize him or any of his associations. That’s the big bait-and-switch. There’s nothing radical about Obama. What’s radical is the way the Republicans plan on attacking him and being critical of him during his campaign.

The Drive-By Media is in full swing now. All of their legs are tingling, not just Chris Matthews’. They’re going to do everything they can to demonize Republicans and conservatives who criticize Obama while mainstreaming all this radicalism and the radicalism of his associates. So then they go out, and in this pursuit they get quotes from people like Luntz and Huckabee to help their cause. I know what’s going on here. I am a student of the Drive-By Media. I understand exactly. They are more agenda oriented — at least openly. They are more open about their agenda and what they want to happen because, with the rise of the conservative media, they have now recognized they’re in the competition here. So all their journalism is becoming opinion journalism unidentified as opinion journalism, and they’re just doing it to advance their agenda. One more thing about Obama prior to hitting the next commercial break.

‘Mitch McConnell delivered the following remarks on the Senate floor today regarding a Democrat majority’s failure to address the need for increased production of oil and support for a gradual adjustment upward in the price of the pump,’ and wait ’til we get to McCain on this. It’s just maddening when we get to McCain on this. McCain, by the way, has admitted he doesn’t know how to use a computer. He’s computer illiterate. He says, ‘Cindy does all that.’ Cindy does all the computer stuff. McCain doesn’t know how. Anyway, here’s what Obama said. ‘Obama suggested that rising gas prices are not the problem. The problem, he suggested, is they’ve gone up too fast. He said he would prefer a ‘gradual adjustment.” So your Democrat Party presidential nominee is all for rising gas prices. He just wouldn’t have had them go up this fast if he’d had anything to do about it. There would have been a more gradual increase.

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