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Rush’s Morning Update: Speculation!
June 17, 2008

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Say, those of you frustrated by the impact that gasoline prices are having on your lifestyle –you need to ask a question: Does what you’re hearing from Democrats make any sense at all?

Senator Byron Dorgan, Democrat, North Dakota, appeared on Fox News Sunday with Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and the president of the American Petroleum Institute.

Senator Dorgan, Democrat, declared that increasing oil production “is a canard.” He claimed that nothing justifies high oil prices “with respect to supply and demand.” Instead, he laid blame on “an orgy of speculation going on in the futures markets” by hedge fund managers and investment bankers.

Now, thisis totally absurd. It’s absurd andasinineto believe that supply and demand have nothing to do with oil prices –especially since China and India are growing and consuming oil exponentially. But have you ever noticed that Democrats always have a handy villain to blame? In health care, it’s Big Pharmaceutical; now with gas prices it’s the eeevil speculators and Big Oil– the very people taking the risks to get oil to the market.

Democrats like Dorgan– and their environmental wacko speculators– have blocked oil exploration and new refineries for decades, and have tied energy production in knots. And now that we are paying the pricefor that, they point the finger elsewhere, trying to channel the anger of an outraged public. You want somebodyto blame for high oil prices? Blame liberal Democrats! You don’t have to speculate aboutthat — not for one second.

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