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RUSH: I have had this story since last Friday. I think last Friday. June 14th. I don’t have a calendar right in front of me. But I’ve been waiting to get audio of this before using this, and we have it. McCain was having a town hall meeting somewhere, a virtual town hall (whatever that is). I don’t even know where this was; I just have the story. He was in a virtual town hall. I guess it’s on the Internet or something. He’s on TV, and he’s taking phone call questions, or virtue town hall questions. So the guy gets a question of McCain. The questioner said that he had been educated at Princeton and Harvard, that he made more than $300,000 a year, and then the questioner said, ‘How can I be proud of my country?’ Now, I’m looking at the faces of Dawn and Brian to see if they get this. Do you get this? Do you get it? Tell me. Do you get it? Tell me. (interruption) You don’t get it.

Neither did McCain. This was a question from a McCain supporter. The McCain supporter was throwing McCain a very low hanging softball. This was almost tee ball. The questioner almost brought the ball and put it up on the tee for McCain to hit. This was a question; he was simply echoing Michelle Obama. She went to Princeton; her husband went to Harvard. She only now is proud of her country. This was a question for McCain to knock out of the park. He blew this in flying colors. Now, some are speculating, ‘Well, maybe Senator McCain knew that it was a hanging curveball, just a tee ball question, and maybe he didn’t, and maybe…’ Folks, trust me: he didn’t get this. Here is McCain. He was on the phone during his virtual town hall, and I guess he had to repeat the questions that he was asked. And this was what he told the audience about that question.

MCCAIN: The question is from a gentleman who was educated both at Princeton and at Harvard, and the simple question was, how can he be proud of his country. I’ll admit to you, that’s tough, that it’s tough in some respects.

RUSH: So Senator McCain on Saturday, rather than realizing that he had just been given an opportunity to blow Michelle (My Belle) and Barack Obama out of the water for the embarrassing statement that she’d made about only now being proud of her country, instead pandered to the guy who asked the question. ‘It’s tough. I’ll admit it’s tough. It’s tough to be proud of your country sometimes.’ The Straight Talk Express. Pure politician 101. Pure politician 101. He went further. He said, ‘I’ll admit to you it’s tough. It’s tough in some respects.’ McCain said America needed to be more humble and more inclusive, and he said that one of the ways to be proud of the country was to look at our history and the sacrifices that US troops have made abroad. So be more humble and more inclusive. (interruption) I know, Snerdley. I know! I know. People don’t like hearing me rattle the papers. It just, I’m doing that instead of speaking.

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