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“So under a President Obama, we’re going to go back to the Clinton era way of fighting the war on terror in the courts — and this is new?”

“The real story is not how McCain is like Bush. The real story is how identical the Obama campaign is to every Democrat presidential campaign since McGovern. He will serve Jimmy Carter’s second term. There’s nothing new here. There is no change.”

“I am Rush Limbaugh, doing what I was born to do. So are you. I was born to host. You were born to listen.”

“Petroleum and oil made us greater as a nation. It was a number of forces coming together: the establishment of a worldwide Navy, which was not possible without petroleum.”

“Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are out there suggesting that drilling for oil off the coastline of the United States and at ANWR is nothing more than ‘the failed policies of the past.’ Can I be honest with you and tell you what the failed policies of the past are? In 1988, New York governor Mario Cuomo shut down a nuclear plant. In 1996, Bill Clinton vetoed exploration and drilling in ANWR. Both of those are failed policies of the past.”

“You could put all those stupid compact fluorescent lightbulbs you can find in your house, it’s not going to produce any more energy and it’s not going to reduce the price of gasoline.”

“There is no substitute for oil, and there isn’t going to be any time soon.”

“What does Obama want? Barack Obama wants you to suffer. Barack Obama wants higher prices on fuel right now. Barack Obama wants a windfall profits tax right now. Barack Obama wants to raise your income taxes, by the way, right now. He wants to raise capital gains taxes right now. He wants to raise Social Security taxes right now. Obama wants you to suffer. The Democrat Party wants you in pain.”

“This is a national goal, to become energy independent. We have the crude. We have the supply. We have it. We just have to go get it. And you don’t get it by sitting around waiting. You gotta take the first step.”

“The more you tax an activity, the less of that activity you get. It’s just that simple, proven by years and years and years of human existence.”

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