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Rush’s Morning Update: Big Mess!
Best of from March 24, 2008

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You remember last June –out-of-control wildfires claiming 254 homes in the Lake Tahoe basin? Well, now the Associated Press, using the Freedom of Information Act, has obtained over 4,000 pages of documents from the agencies involved at all levels of government:local, regional, state, and federal.

It turns out that homeowners’ pleas to their local government for fire roads to be cut near their homes were ignored for years, though homeowners warned that the catastrophic fires were a real threat. There was nonstop infighting between competing environmental, planning, and fire prevention agencies. Battles over jurisdiction and policy prevented the critical clearing of brush and timber– as did the ever-present environmentalist wacko agenda, which values animal life more than human life. Innovative measures to thin out the forests while protecting the environment were not implemented, due to bureaucratic wranglingand,of course,protests.

AP uncovered one e-mail exchange in which a government official emphasizes the need for agencies to be politically correct— even as critical advice on properly maintaining the forests was ignored.

Now, none of this surprises me in the least.Do you remember Vice President Algore’s claim that he “reinvented government”?And Bill Clinton’s State of the Union declaration that the “era of Big Government” was over? Neither was true. Big Government’sinherently inefficientand ineffective. And if Big Government can’t even manage to clear brush from known fire zones, just imagine how it is going toscrew up your health care!

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