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RUSH: Here’s Steve in Fredericktown, Missouri. Steve, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, Mr. Limbaugh. My name is Steve Hogan. I’m an RN that works at St. Francis Medical Center in your hometown in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I was just calling today to welcome home my brother, Staff Sergeant Jacob Hogan and his team of soldiers from Iraq. They returned Thursday last week. They were part of a medical group that was he stationed at Camp Speicher in Tikrit. And with your help and the reach of your program, I just wanted to congratulate their efforts in the war and to tell my brother he’s a hero to me, my family, and this country.

RUSH: Wow. I am so glad you got through. Fredericktown, folks, is right up the road from Cape Girardeau, and Steve here works as an RN at St. Francis hospital, one of two in Cape Girardeau. So they got home Thursday of last week, are they back home?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: They’re in Missouri?

CALLER: Yes, sir. That was the day they actually flew in from Minnesota, I think, they were up there for a few days and they got to come home last Thursday is when they flew in.

RUSH: And they were in Tikrit?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Saddam’s hometown. Well, you just gotta be ecstatic.

CALLER: Yeah, it’s great to have him home.

RUSH: How old is your brother?

CALLER: He’s 30, going to be 31 the 26th of this month, actually.

RUSH: How many tours did he serve?

CALLER: This is his first, but he’s I think the fifth out of my family, with cousins and all that has served over there. We’ve got two other cousins over there right now.

RUSH: Does he know what he’s going to do next?

CALLER: He’s going back to school. He’s got two degrees already, but he’s going back to school and I think he’s going to continue to serve in the Reserves and keep the military in his life for a while.

RUSH: You know, we continue to hear people try to define what it is that’s great about the country, particularly, Steve, in light of current times of presidential campaign when way too many people are trying to rip this country apart for a whole bunch of reasons, but your brother and his buds are one of the most shining examples we can point to to what is great about the country, and for you to take time, try to get through here to welcome him home and express your honor and your pride in him, I’m glad you got through. You’ve made our day here. God bless him and your whole family. You said your family is devoted to this. There are Americans all over the place that are in awe and have tremendous reverence for you and your brother, and to have this be one of the last moments on the program today, glad you called. Thanks much. Give him all of our best, and God bless.

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