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RUSH: Folks, I want to get a little prediction to you here. It won’t be long, it may happen tonight, it may happen tomorrow, but somewhere in the Drive-By Media there will be a story, probably Associated Press, and it will be picked up and amplified from there. One day after Obama warned that his critics would play the race card, Rush Limbaugh jumped right in and did just that by talking about how his wife, Michelle, has slave blood, but he ain’t got no slave blood. Keep in mind that when they do this, it was some guy that runs the Southern Christian Leadership Conference who said that. They’re going to say, Limbaugh jumped right in, Obama warned us, the Republicans are going to play the race card, and Limbaugh plays the ‘Magic Negro’ song, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I can predict these people. I know ’em like every square inch of my glorious naked body. What Obama is doing is reprehensible in terms of telling people what is going to be said that hasn’t been said. It’s playing the race card. Nobody that I know is saying anything about his race, nobody important on our side, nobody that matters, and the same thing about this Muslim business. But the smoothness, the effortlessness with the way this guy weaves in and out of the truth such as doing his flip-flop on campaign finance reform and public financing of campaigns is breathtaking to behold. It just is.

I was telling a friend of mine over the weekend that it seems like it’s a never-ending process. The process is always the same. The left accuses us of either being something, like racist or sexist or bigoted or homophobic, or they say that we’re going to say something racist, sexist, or bigoted or homophobic. And what happens is that we always end up on the defensive, and I’m frankly tired of being on the defensive. I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘What is this, we’re not racist.’ It doesn’t advance anything whatsoever. And, frankly, to sit here and call Obama a liar and to point — I also told my buddies, chitchatting with Levin on the instant message, I said, ‘I think the American public probably tires of hearing conservatives say of liberals that they lie all the time.’ We said it about Clinton, it was true. It didn’t matter. Bob Kerrey praised Clinton for being an exceptionally good liar. The Drive-By are praising Obama for being an exceptionally funny and skilled politician by getting rid of these attacks the way he did, by accusing the Republicans of making them before they did. So to sit around — I’m talking about in terms of how to respond to this, sit here and say, gosh, Obama is lying through his teeth, I don’t think people want to hear it, whether they know it or not. It obviously didn’t bother them that Clinton lied, until later. So there has to be a different mode of responding to Obama, and I think it’s what Ronald Reagan said, ‘Just laugh at ’em, just laugh at ’em and just ridicule it,’ because it is preposterous.

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