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RUSH: Grant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Nice to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Yes. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, it’s good to talk to you. My point is that all global warming types, Dr. Hansen included, confuse their own mortality with the end of the world. So his Ph.D. cannot protect him from his own approaching death, and he deals with that anxiety by pretending the earth itself is in danger.

RUSH: You might be right in terms of the personal psychology of the deranged Dr. Hansen.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I prefer to chalk it up to the fact — or not exclude yours, but I rather think that even to the extent that you are right, that he’s deranged and is confusing the death of the planet with his own death, he’s just a liberal!

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And he’s being paid by George Soros types. He got $250,000 as a grant not long ago from the Heinz ketchup people. That’s Teresa Heinz Kerry from one of their foundations.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: This guy is bought and paid for by the left.

CALLER: He’s been on the government payroll as long as McCain.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s another thing. People in the government payroll, people at NASA are prohibited from speaking out politically from one administration to the next. This guy’s done so and apparently has gotten away with it. But all this radicalism in the Democrat Party, you are going to find often, not all the time, but oftentimes you’re going to find George Soros at the root of it. And Soros is behind Hansen. This is all about destroying the country as it exists today. George Soros has an inbred hatred for this country and he is supporting causes and people that will advance as close as to what he can get to, the reordering and changing of the institutions and traditions that have made the country great. Now, whether or not Hansen thinks he is the planet and thinks he’s the planet because he’s the only one that cares about it, and if he dies, so goes concern for the planet, hell, nothing would surprise me when we’re talking about the left. There is no rational explanation for liberalism, folks. One of the biggest mistakes we all make is trying to explain it rationally. Some young person, some little crumb cruncher, ‘Daddy, Daddy, what is a liberal?’ When you try to explain it rationally, it doesn’t work.

How do you explain insanity rationally? How do you explain a mental disorder? What is disgust and hatred for your own country when it’s the best place in the world, what is that? It’s not dissent, it’s not greatness, it’s not free speech, it’s sick. To those of us that care about nationality, who believe that America is great for the country, great for the world, great for the most people ever, to hate it and despise it and to have to invent reasons for it, what in the hell is rational about it? And so to try to explain liberals, and I’ve tried it myself and I’ve done a damn good job as good as anybody else can do in explaining what liberalism is, but after awhile you start to realize you’re beating your head against the wall. You’re trying to explain the inexplicable in a rational way, when it’s very simple to say, ‘They’re just off.’ There’s something desperately wrong with these people, emotionally, psychologically, or what have you. To that extent, I think most of these people have meaningless lives. They’re trying to establish meaning, make themselves feel important because they know that they’re really no different than a gnat in the big scheme of things, and they want to be more important than a gnat. They want to have power over the gnats. And so they want to think of everybody else as a gnat and themselves as the can of Raid, which is poison, which is true.

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