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Rush’s Morning Update: Left Out?
June 24, 2008

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An early proponent of the manmade global warming was James Hansen from NASA. He’s deranged. Hailed as a “leading climate scientist” by those who bought into the hoax, Hansen’s 1988 testimony before Congress is seen as a turning point that helped fuel the current day hysteria.

In testimony before Congress on Monday marking the 20th anniversary of his little hoax, Hansen is now calling for “radical steps” to help forestall “a perfect storm” of irreversible climate change.

Among the radical steps, Hansen wants the chief executives of large oil companies arrested and put on trial for “high crimes against humanity and nature.” The underlying premise of this wacko scientist is that Big Oil execs have actively spread doubt and lies about global warming.

Hansen is also going to target members of Congress he doesn’t approve of, and actively campaign against them in the November elections — which is his right, of course.

But, my friends, this is the height of arrogance. Nobody even knows the names of these oil execs! But for 20 years — as long as Hansen has been peddling this hoax — there has been one consistent voice of opposition. A loud voice, on the front line, fighting these kooks tooth and nail every day. If this Stalinist, anti-free-speech, petulant, junk-science liberal and his wacko buddies are going to run around putting people on trial who don’t buy into their global warming hoax — how dare they leave me out!

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