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“If the Clinton campaign holds true to form, this young student is about to be trashed, just like Paula Jones was trashed.”

“Well, so far, folks, we have the perfect Clinton campaign: planting questions with college kids, using preteens for health care ads, laundering money through Chinatown, and now threatening the media.”

“You know, Breck Girl, you and Obama better understand something: It is Hillary Clinton on those caucus and primary ballots. It is not George W. Bush.”

“The gap between the rich and the poor is not growing. It’s a media myth. It’s a liberal myth.”

“Leadership is found outside consensus.”

“Wolf Blitzer ought to have a disclaimer prior to every question: ‘This question approved by Ann Lewis. This question approved by Bill Clinton. This question approved by Howard Wolfson. This question approved by Hillary Clinton, herself.'”

“I just want to see how CNN reacts to such intimidation tactics, because I’m going to tell you, folks, if this were Richard Nixon, the media would already be up in arms over this, claiming abuse of power. They would be fuming.”

“The only thing that separates Hillary from her husband is that she is faking intellectual orgasms. His orgasms are real; she has to fake her intellectual orgasms.”

“Today, I have real fear for this young college student in Grinnell, Iowa — Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff — who is out there admitting that she was a plant and that people in the Hillary campaign asked her to be a plant.”

“We have an incident, by the way, back in 1999, where a planted question was asked of Hillary. There’s a pattern here.”

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