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RUSH: I know who’s driving up fuel prices, and it’s not speculators, and it’s not Big Oil, and it’s not OPEC. Folks, there’s one group of people that’s very happy about these prices being high. Do you know who they are? The American left, the Democrat Party. They’re very happy about this. And their candidate, Obama, doesn’t have any interest in lowering these prices. Anything that comes up, any suggestion that’s made, ‘Ah, that won’t work soon enough. The gas tax suspension? No, no, no, no. That’s a silly idea. Drilling for more oil? No, that’s not going to solve the price today. No, no, no.’ Whatever is proposed, ‘No, no, no! We can’t do it.’ The Democrat Party is actively opposed to prices coming down. Therefore, it is they driving them up.

It is they who are taking steps to make sure these prices remain high. You know, they’ve always wanted high gasoline prices, if you think about it. They’ve always been touting mass transit. They’re just into control. They are anti-capitalist for the most part. The leftists in the Democrat Party are. They’re anti-liberty. They want as much control over society as possible. That’s their power. So what are they accomplishing here? Well, they’re driving up fuel prices. They’ve always wanted to drive up fuel prices as a way of creating dissatisfaction in the suburbs and rural areas of the country. I look at this. You look at a map of the states that are designated with red states and blue states. You look at the red states and you look at the blue states, and you’ll find out very quickly that the vast majority of Democrat voters live in big cities. They already have mass transit. They’re not that concerned with individual gas prices.

Some, yes, but when you get into these red state areas, you look at some of these cities and you’ll find mass transit is not that big a deal. Most people are using their cars. These are largely Republican areas of the country. Look at the map. It’s where most of the middle- and upper middle-class live in this country, in suburbs. And I am convinced that the Democrats and Obama and the leftists want as many people upset with capitalism and upset with American business and corporate life as possible. I think they want you — and I do mean you in this audience — I think they’re trying to frustrate you all to hell. I think they want you demanding government to fix this. I think they want you so fit to be tied at the usual suspects, be it Big Oil, the speculators, the commodities market, some massive unseen corporate entity that nobody can control. They want us coming to them. They want you — Barack and his gang want you — crawling on your hands and knees to them to fix this.

They want you upset with capitalism. They want you upset with Big Business. They want you demanding more government. This is a direct assault on the Republican heartland. Now, everybody pays higher fuel prices, I understand. But in the cities, there is far less reliance on automobiles, obviously. I’m not being conspiratorial here. But you have to believe, if the Democrat constituency, which is made up of largely of two economic extremes… The Democrat constituency is made up of the very wealthy and mostly poor people. That’s the Democrat constituency: very wealthy and mostly poor people. If those people were whining and moaning and so forth, you can damn well believe something will be done about it. But when the Democrats view that most of the suffering is being done in Republican, suburban red state areas, they are more than happy for you to continue suffering in Republican red state areas because they want you mad at your own party.

They want you mad at capitalism. They want you mad at conservatism. They want you asking government for help. I mean these people jump to spend $150 billion on a so-called economic stimulus, which heavily favors the poor. They jump to spend $300 billion on a mortgage plan that mostly helps their constituency. Not exclusively, but largely. So here comes the stimulus plan. That’s to help the poor, their $300 billion mortgage bailout, that helps the rich and their constituency. They will spend endlessly for the poor and the wealthy, but they love sticking it to the middle class, because the middle class is paying for all of this, having to deal with the consequence of liberal policies. And yes, I know there’s some Democrats in the middle class. You people better wake up and understand: You are paying the freight for your party leaders to really salve the grease on the hands of the very poor and the very rich, because that’s who they really care about — while pretending, of course, to love you.

They extend unemployment insurance frequently, but most Americans are actually working. A large number of them live in the suburbs, and it is they who are being targeted by these policies; targeted to pay more taxes, targeted to pay higher fuel prices because of their reliance on the car. They are targeted to change their lifestyles with global warming. It is about control. It is about dispiriting largely suburban voters who are Republican. Let me be blunt. If I haven’t been blunt enough, let me be blunt here. The Democrats and liberals are targeting the red states of this country, suburbs and rural areas for the most part by transferring more and more of their wealth to the blue areas; the cities, the inner suburbs; inner cities, if you will. These people are very, very serious about their intentions, and the Republicans and the pseudo-conservative intelligentsia have no idea what’s going on or how to even battle this. They’re just clueless as to what’s happening. They’re dancing around the edges while the liberals and Democrats are going for our throats. We’ve got Nancy Pelosi now openly advocating the Fairness Doctrine in a meeting with Human Events yesterday and some other reporters.

Anyway, let me grab a couple phone calls here before we go to the break, and I really appreciate all of you waiting patiently out there. We’ll start in Batavia, New York. This is Scott. Thank you, sir, and hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, what’s up? Onshore dittos from the ‘Vampire State’ of New York.

RUSH: The ‘Vampire State,’ yes, thank you.

CALLER: Well, they suck our blood. (laughter)

RUSH: I understand.

CALLER: Well, you’re hot today. I gotta say, I don’t even… My original point was that the clause in the Constitution about cruel and unusual punishment —

RUSH: Eighth Amendment, yeah.

CALLER: Right, the Eighth Amendment. The thing that most people miss is the word ‘and.’ Did you know that in France, they gave people the guillotine until 1938? Was that cruel? Yeah, it was. Was it unusual? No. That’s what they did all the time. It’s gotta be cruel ‘and’ unusual. Not one or the other.

RUSH: Yeah, it doesn’t say and/or.

CALLER: No, it’s ‘and.’ ‘And’ is a word. You know, Rush, you always say words mean things.

RUSH: Yes, but to the modern-day leftist on the Supreme Court, that ‘and’ can be used however they define it and however they choose to apply it.

CALLER: No, ‘and’ means ‘and,’ doesn’t it? And as far as the speculation market knows, have you ever seen the movie Trading Places?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: There you go. (chuckles)

RUSH: Yeah. In fact, I just got that on Blu-ray.

CALLER: Were they speculating on orange juice prices?

RUSH: Yes, they were speculating but the Dukes —

CALLER: It got turned around on them, though.

RUSH: But the Dukes —

CALLER: It got turned on them.
RUSH: Yeah, but the Dukes had gone in there, and they had some undercover guy —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — to get a copy of the government report on frozen orange juice futures.

CALLER: But they got found out.

RUSH: Well, no, what happened was that Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd switched the news on them.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: They took out the spy, and they impersonated the spy to the Dukes in a dark parking lot, a la Watergate and Deep Throat.

CALLER: Deep Throat.

RUSH: And they gave them the exact opposite information. So the Dukes went in there. Yeah, that was —

CALLER: And they got screwed.

RUSH: — the commodities market. They lost everything.

CALLER: Right. They got screwed. They lost everything they ever had. And as far as the whole drill or not drill?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Why go to school? Is that going to help you tomorrow if you’re in kindergarten? Is it going to help me next month? Going to help me next year? No.

RUSH: Why take your first job?

CALLER: Why bother?

RUSH: If your objective is to earn a hundred thousand dollars a year, why take the first job that pays you 20?

CALLER: Right. Well, why go to school?

RUSH: Yeah, why go to school.

CALLER: Why go to college? It’s not going to help you in one year and it’s going to cost you money. So why bother?

RUSH: Exactly right.

CALLER: If you’re going to use that kind of logic.

RUSH: Well, okay. So tell me.


RUSH: What do you think the purpose is then? If anybody can see through this, what’s Obama’s point? What do they really want? They don’t want drilling, do they? They do not.

CALLER: What’s his point? His point is he’s bowing, obviously, to his constituency, who’s giving them money. I really don’t know what their point is because doesn’t make any sense.

RUSH: Yes, it does.

CALLER: How does not having more oil solve the problem of not having more oil?

RUSH: What’s the Democrat Party’s problem? Their problem has nothing to do with oil right now. Their problem is they want the White House.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So, keeping the oil price up and keeping people dispirited about the fact that it might come down —

CALLER: Well, that’s true.

RUSH: — then all that does as far as they’re —

CALLER: But that’s lame. Why would you do that?

RUSH: Power.

CALLER: I guess.

RUSH: Get elected.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm. Well, that stinks.

RUSH: I’m going to tell you something. I’m going to tell you something else brutal out there, Scott, from the ‘Vampire State’ of New York. There are some in the Democrat Party and many leftists in this country, who want this country hurting, who want this country cut down to size. They don’t like this country; they don’t like our superpower status. They think we’ve stolen it from the rest of the world. They think we have raped and murdered and tortured and polluted the world in order to acquire our status, and we are guilty and it’s not fair — and they think we need to be cut down. They think our society needs to suffer to pay the wages of the sins that we have committed in becoming so outlandishly large. And these leftist are really, really, really ticked off that we kicked the ass of the Soviets off the planet.

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