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RUSH: ‘Republican John McCain said Tuesday the federal government should practice the energy efficiency he preaches, pledging as president to switch official vehicles to green technologies and do the same for office buildings.’ Who is it that’s going to be Jimmy Carter’s second term, is it going to be Obama or McCain? I thought it was going to be Obama. ‘Expanding upon his ideas to address the nation’s energy crisis, the Arizona senator also called for a redesign of the national power grid so power is better distributed where it’s needed–‘ (sigh) Where is it not needed? Appalachia? West Virginia? Where’s it not needed? ‘–and the country has the capacity to run electric vehicles that he wants automakers to supply.’

So he’s really scoring points here. He thinks he’s scoring points with the Drive-Bys. (doing McCain impression) ‘That’s right, I told ’em we’re going to go green; we’re going to go electric; we’re going to turn up the thermostats in the summer; going to turn ’em down in the winter. We’re going to put into practice, Limbaugh, what I’ve been doing myself personally, yes, yes, I’m going to skunk ’em this way.’ Oh, really? Right after all of that, the Drive-Bys, AP, yes, it’s Associated Press to the rescue, who’s this? Glen Johnson. ‘McCain drives a 2003 Cadillac CTS, a sedan the Environmental Protection Agency says gets 16 to 24 miles per gallon and emits about 9.6 tons of greenhouse gases annually.’ Big whoop. ‘When campaigning, he’s ferried by the Secret Service using a fleet of Chevrolet Suburbans, a full-size SUV EPA estimates gets 12 to 20 mpg and emits 9 to 13 tons of greenhouse gases.’ So, a Drive-By smackdown.

Here is McCain lauding his intent to have a green government, and then they point out, he’s a hypocrite. I wish somebody would do a study on my cars. I mean, this is nothing. I got in my car the other day and I drove — there goes Dawn covering her — I’m not going to tell you which one. It doesn’t matter. I got in the car, I had to drive down to Miami for the weekend. I wanted to go to the Kobe Club in Miami. I had been in the one in New York. So I drove down there, checked in the hotel, stayed overnight and got all those doodads on the dashboard that tell me — your car does, too — the range you’ve got based on the gas in the tank and what miles per gallon you’re getting and so forth. Twelve on the highway, 12, I think it was 12.8 on the highway. I said, yes!


RUSH: All right, all right. Many of you might think I’m obnoxious, those of you just tuning in who don’t know me as the audience knows and loves me, you might think why am I going, ‘Yes! Yes!’ when I see that my hog car is only getting 12 miles per gallon on the highway. Because I just love sticking it to the environmentalists. I am not an conformist. I just love sticking it to these people who want to interrupt my choices and my freedom. If I’m willing to pay for whatever happens and I’m not violating any law, it’s none of their business to tell me what I can and can’t drive and what I should and shouldn’t drive, and I’m not going to allow these kind of left-wing wacko kooks make me feel guilty about enjoying life. So there.

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