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RUSH: I don’t believe what I’m seeing. Hillary Clinton standing off to the side while Obama is at the podium up there in Unity, New Hampshire, and she’s got her hands clasped, and she is just looking at him so admiringly, and I don’t believe for a minute she is admiring or enjoying whatever is going on. This is all about $10 million being raised. She never looked that fawning at her own husband. You see her stare at him from the gallery at the House during the State of the Union speech? I mean the Nurse Ratched face was up. She’s looking at him like he is the Second Coming. It’s all an act. By the way, he’s saying that we need to stop our dependence on dictators for energy. Well, what kind of energy do we get from dictators? Oil. Does he want to get our own oil? No. He wants to have a green energy program.


RUSH: This has to be the worst day in Hillary Clinton’s life. Let me describe for you what I just witnessed. And, by the way, I witnessed it from the office of Bo Snerdley, who is fit to be tied. He is still steaming over the story we had yesterday about the upcoming PBS documentary starting on Monday night that portrays the United States as no different than the Nazis or the Russians and that we didn’t win anything in World War II, that we were just evil murderers of women and children and citizens. I warned you about this yesterday. Then he’s also steaming about the news he just heard that a columnist for the New York Times, ostensibly a conservative, is hawking a new book by a couple young Republicans who offer as their recipe to fix the Republican Party the notion that Republicans need to look to the New Deal, that that was a conservative approach to attracting middle-class, working-class voters. He’s sitting at his desk, he’s pounding, ‘What’s next?’ I don’t know what’s next, Mr. Snerdley, but there will be something.

You know, this is an interesting thing. If you want to talk about what’s next based on the trend lines, you could say that up next somebody in the pseudoconservative media will undertake to do a new analysis of communism and suggest that there was actually a lot of conservatism involved in that and that the communists, they had control over the working class. (laughing) Well, hells bells, folks, if you’re going to go out there and say the New Deal was conservative, what can’t be conservative? Anyway, I have to tell you what I saw while Snerdley was venting back there. I mentioned to you right before the previous hour concluded, this has to be Mrs. Clinton’s worst day of her life. She’s in hock 22 million bucks, 10 million of that she owes vendors: the charter aircraft company, the hotels, the meals, the buses, the balloon people. She owes all of those people for her campaign, she’s in debt. So she’s turned to Obama for help, and Obama has said that he will do what he can. He’s ruled out his 15- and 20-dollar donors, that won’t make a dent, he’s going after the big guns.

So you have this lady in hock for millions who can’t raise a plug nickel, and she’s also at the same time telling her money machine to go out and help and give to Obama. So while she’s telling her people to give to Obama, Obama is telling his people to give to her. But today, she had to go to a place called Unity, New Hampshire, where Obama is saying real change can’t happen without unity. Obama is the star of the show obviously, he’s the nominee. Mrs. Clinton is standing there throughout his speech off to his right, stage left, as you’re looking at your TV. The crowd’s going nuts, they got mixture of white and black people in the TV shot in the background, and interesting we’ve got red signs and blue signs to denote unity between the red states and the blue states. And Obama is being cheered, as he usually is, and Mrs. Clinton is standing there with a look of admiration and awe on her face while he speaks. She’s standing there doing nothing. She’s standing there as the loser.

She knows that everybody knows that she’s standing there because she needs $10 million from this little rookie hick who wiped her out, took away her only chance, perhaps, to achieve what she thought was hers by virtue of Gennifer Flowers, and Paula Jones, and Monica Lewinsky, and Juanita Broaddrick, and all the others. It’s gone, poof! Twenty-two million in debt. She’s standing there listening to this guy go on and on and on, and she knows full well that the only difference between what he is saying and a bag of manure is the bag. She’s standing there while looking admiringly and in awe at Barack Obama, cursing her campaign staff, her husband, and everybody involved in her campaign, and she is really teed off at whoever it was that convinced her to show up in Unity, New Hampshire, today, to stand there like an irrelevant, defeated candidate looking admiringly at somebody she’d like to squash like a cockroach, except there would be too many witnesses if she did it today. We all in life, folks, some days, we all have to eat the excrement sandwich. Some days we get mayonnaise, some days we get mustard, some days it’s plain. Today was plain.

She is asking herself through all of this, ‘What in the name of hell happened here?’ She demonstrated today, among many things, that the age-old cliche that women can fake it, and thank God they can, is true. Because this was one of the biggest fake-job appearances I have ever seen. This was the last place she wanted to be. This was the last circumstance she wanted to be, the last place and circumstance she ever thought she would be. Her husband wasn’t there. He didn’t have to stand up there as a loser. He’s out working the crowd looking for babes, or whatever, signing autographs. She’s up there in the blue pantsuit standing demurely off to the side as an irrelevancy, with her hands clasped in front of her looking admiringly and in awe at The Messiah, and Obama did deign to mention her a couple of times, and the crowd applauded tepidly. Mrs. Clinton turned to the audience and acknowledged the tepid applause with a frozen smile on her face. Obama continued to speak, reveling in this moment, knowing full well that she looked like a dwarf compared to his tall stature. No jacket, white shirt and tie, sleeves rolled up. Mrs. Clinton all wrapped up like it’s wintertime because of the freeze that she feels in Unity, New Hampshire.

And then, ladies and gentlemen, after going through this show, for what appeared to be ten, 12 minutes — and to Mrs. Clinton it had to be a day — Obama then graciously ends the performance. After he soaks up some applause for a second or two, he then moves in her direction and puts his arm around her. She immediately, instinctively, I’m not even sure she was aware she did it, moved in the opposite direction. When Obama made the move toward Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Clinton made the move away from Obama, but he caught up, and they held hands, and the applause was happening, and Mrs. Clinton had the saddest smile I have ever seen on her face. I said to Snerdley watching this, ‘Now, wait a minute, they gotta both raise their hands up like they do at a convention.’ That didn’t happen, they held hands for a mere matter of seconds, and then the piece de resistance, the ultimate insult. When they separated, Mrs. Clinton darted to the left, out of camera range. Senator Obama stood for a few more seconds, soaking up the applause, looking around, where did she go. Then he said, oh, hell with it and walked off the stage immediately behind the podium, where he was mobbed. The cameraman then said, because I’m sure somebody was talking to his ear, where’s Hillary? And that camera did a massive pan back and forth, searching for Hillary, couldn’t find Hillary, she was nowhere. They found Obama mobbed. They finally did find Hillary talking to one woman, smiling, signing an autograph. The point is, when this was over these two went opposite directions as fast as an AC current meets a DC current.

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