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RUSH: The Drive By Media is ecstatic because our record for a charitable purchase on eBay was broken over the weekend. We got $2.1 million for the Harry Reid Smear Letter, but Warren Buffett got $2.11 million for lunch with him over the weekend on eBay. A Chinese investment fund manager won the chance to have lunch with Warren Buffett by bidding $2.11 million in the most expensive charity auction ever held on eBay. I’m trying to think. I’m not surprised at this if I’m right, when we set the record on eBay for the smear letter against Harry Reid, was there a massive AP headline on this? There was not, was there? There were some incidental stories about it. But they’ve been waiting for this both at eBay and in the Drive By Media, they’re just ecstatic.

‘Zhao Danyang, of Hong Kong-based Pure Heart China Growth Investment Fund, won the auction, which ended on Friday evening with a bid of $2,110,100. A spokeswoman for the Glide Foundation, which receives the proceeds from the auction, identified Zhao as the winner on Saturday.’ I heard about this guy Cecil when I was in Sacramento, the Democratic convention 1994. The Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco, it’s a poverty-stricken area, they help the homeless and so forth. Cecil Williams I think runs the Glide Memorial Foundation. At any rate, they made a big deal out of this. One story I think in an Indian newspaper just mentioned that the Buffett lunch had surpassed the previous record high of $2.1 million spent for a letter to Rush Limbaugh, period. They didn’t specify what kind of letter. Now, this story does. ‘Previously, the most expensive charity item ever sold on eBay was a letter from Democrat senators blasting conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh for using the phrase ‘phony soldiers’ on his program. The letter was signed by 41 senators sold for $2.1 million last October.’

They don’t mention anything about Harry Reid. They just carry the notion forward that I did use the term phony soldiers. It’s just amazing. They’re ecstatic out there in the Drive By world and of course in the financial world. Warren Buffett has eclipsed the record set by me on eBay. For now.


RUSH: People have been pointing out to me in emails that on this Warren Buffett auction on eBay, they said, ‘Rush, you forgot to mention that you matched the $2.1 million that was donated to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation by Betty Casey.’ That’s true. I did match it. So my charity got $4.2 million dollars. I did match it. Now, my money didn’t go through to eBay. It went to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, but I thought we’d take the occasion to go back to the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites — it was only last October — and relive and remember, briefly, one of the highlights of the last calendar year on the EIB Network. Harry Reid sings here.

(playing of I Shouldn’t Have Written the Letter)

RUSH: That is ‘white comedian’ Paul Shanklin, with the vocal portrayal there of Senator Harry Reid in a takeoff on the tune The Letter.

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