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RUSH: Here’s Jim from Florida. You’re next. Hi.

CALLER: Yes, Rush?

RUSH: Yeah?

CALER: Rush, great talking to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Born in Missouri and ended up in Florida, just like you.

RUSH: It’s a great place to be. Everybody has to be somewhere.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I was listening to that deal about Obama pandering to these people in Missouri and mentioning Mark Twain.

RUSH: Yeah, he mentioned Mark Twain.

CALLER: Do you remember a few years ago when the Democrats wanted to take Mark Twain’s books off the market and made him a racist because of his Tom Sawyer?

RUSH: You know what? I had forgotten that.

CALLER: Yeah. I thought I would like to remind you so you could work on them people on that a little bit.

RUSH: It was Huck Finn. They wanted to get rid of Huck Finn and a number of other works. Yes, absolutely right.

CALLER: A hundred percent racist he was, and now all of a sudden he’s using him as what a…. a… (sigh) What would you say, idol? (laughs)

RUSH: Well, of course. He’s in Missouri —

CALLER: I know. That’s what they do. That’s what caught my —

RUSH: — pandering to Missourians.

CALLER: Being from Missouri, that caught my attention.

RUSH: Quick! A quick little trivia question. What’s Mark Twain’s real name?

CALLER: Samuel Clemens.

RUSH: And quick, what state was he born in?

CALLER: (sigh) Oooooh. You want to say Missouri, but probably Illinois, huh?

RUSH: Uh, you look it up. Look it up. You’ll be stunned.

CALLER: Really?

RUSH: Yeah. Look up Samuel Clemens. You have a computer?


RUSH: Google search?


RUSH: Samuel Clemens.

CALLER: I took it for granted that he was from Hamilton — or, I mean —

RUSH: Hannibal?

CALLER: Hannibal or St. Louis or something.

RUSH: What is the capital of Kentucky? Or, how do you pronounce it, rather. Do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky ‘Louie-ville’ or ‘Louill-ville’?

CALLER: Uh, I would say Louisville.

RUSH: Frankfort.

CALLER: Oh! (bursts out laughing) Oh, ho, ho! You!

RUSH: Trick question. (laughing)

CALLER: That’s the oldest one in the book!

RUSH: Trick question. (laughing)

CALLER: You’re too shrewd today.

RUSH: Ah, the people in Kentucky knew that’s a cheap joke. Jim, I appreciate it. I got to take a quick timeout here. We’ll be back and wrap things up after this. Do not go away.


RUSH: Samuel Clemens was born in Florida, Missouri, which is in Monroe County, Missouri; which is one county due west of the county where Hannibal, Missouri is. It didn’t take him long to gravitate or migrate to the Mississippi River. He died in Connecticut when he was 74 years old. So just a brief little lesson.

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