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RUSH: CNN’s American Morning this morning, John Roberts talking about Democrat on Democrat vandalism in Orlando, Florida. And this is, of course, happening to the unity party and unity candidate.

ROBERTS: Police in Orlando, Florida, investigating the spray painting of dozens of city vehicles, some with racial epithets about presidential hopeful Barack Obama. One of the vans was painted: ‘Obama smokes crack.’ The vandals also left business cards that disparage both Obama and Republican John McCain. The cards voice support for Hillary Clinton. In all, about $10,000 in damage done.

RUSH: It has to be women vandals out there because they’re the ones that are still fit to be tied over what they think happened to Hillary. It’s harder and harder to find a newspaper these days because so many of them are cutting back. The Obama campaign team continues, campaign staff continues its major cutbacks. I was thinking about this the other day. We saw on Friday, Mrs. Clinton standing there, had to be the worst day of her life. Obama gave a speech in, Unity, New Hampshire. When it was over, they embraced. Can you imagine the 6-year-old getting up and reading the paper with his mom and dad, ‘Mommy, Daddy, what’s it’s called when a man hugs a woman? What’s it called? What is it called?’ So the father says, ‘There’s a word for it, but you better ask your mommy, little Johnny.’ And mommy says, ‘Little Johnny, it’s called prostitution.’ In this case we know the deal we just don’t know the price. Except in this case we know both. We know the price, $10 million. The women think that Hillary has been humiliated here and has been made to look like a prostitute to get up there do whatever she had to do to get Obama’s money to pay off her vendor debt and now they’re so mad they’re running around vandalizing Obama cars in Orlando, Florida. What did they say, ‘Obama smokes crack?’ (laughing)

And then I’m sure you’ve heard, ladies and gentlemen, Bill Clinton has not gotten over this. A lot of people are surprised by this. Because a lot of people thought Clinton would be happy, that he was really just going through the motions here, that he really didn’t want Hillary to be elected because he didn’t want to have to be tied down for four or eight years, not be able to gallivant all over the place and earn additional money. And you remember this, there were theories that Obama was benefitting from the fact that Clinton was sabotaging Hillary’s campaign. Apparently, he’s more upset about it than she is. He’s out there saying Obama can, quote, kiss my ass, unquote. Now, The Punk Terry McAuliffe was asked about this on Late Edition Sunday morning. Candy Crowley was the fill-in host. She said, ‘You’ve talked to Clinton. He said, ‘I’m going to call him. What’s all this business about my being angry and harboring resentment?”

MCAULIFFE: I did this morning. Yeah, he was angry that these ridiculous stories were out here, and these supposed close friends of the president. None of the close friends ever got called. You know, what happens, a lot of time, is people like to pretend they’re close so they can tell the reporters that they’re close, but, you know, they’re just talking. Is he somewhat angry, as I am, and others, at some of the treatment Hillary Clinton received from the press? Sure. But, you know, that’s life. We don’t talk about it anymore. We’re past that. So he is raring to go. I spoke to him today. He’s ready to go. He’ll do whatever Senator Obama and his team want him to do.

RUSH: What are we supposed to make of this? I’m not buying any of this. Now he’s angry at the media. Clinton’s angry at the media and he’s also angry at so many people out there claiming to be friends of Bill who aren’t. The quote was Obama can kiss his butt. Well, didn’t say butt. The bottom line with Clinton is he’s right about this. Clinton is right about this. Why should he go stand side by side with it. Bill Clinton is a two-term ex-president. Whatever you want to say about his presidency, whatever you want to say about his character, he’s a two-term ex-president. Why should he go out there and subordinate himself to this guy who he thinks shafted his wife, who is a rookie, who he thinks threw the race card at him. This is what Clinton believes. Of course what Clinton believes is Clinton reality, which is different from real reality. (interruption) Well, not if the Clintons can help it, Snerdley. We’re told that Obama is the titular head of the party. He’s moved the campaign, DNC primary operation to Chicago. But if you think Clinton is going to sit around and just let all this be taken away from him. This is going to be the most fascinating couple three months ahead of us.

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