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Rush’s Morning Update: Duty
Original Airdate: March 31, 2008

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A new study, my friends,reveals that older Americans are living longer, they are far wealthier, and they’rebetter educated than any previous generation. Now, this contradicts the liberal view of America, which isa land of endless soup lines where seasoned citizens have to chose between eating dog foodor heating their cave-like homes.

Which brings me to a column in the Baltimore Sunby Andrew Yarrow, a professor at American University. Mr. Yarrow isangry at the idea of early retirement. The professor calls retiring at “55, 62, or even 65…profoundly selfish and unpatriotic.” He says “dropping out” of the work force “leech[es] trillions of taxpayer dollars from the economy.”

If you selfish, unpatriotic early retirees would just work longer, according to Professor Yarrow, you would “reduce government benefit costs by at least $100 billion” by 2024. Now, to help the government out, you ought to take up “encore careers”, too:”do-good, later-life jobs” — teachers, social service workers, public servants. To discourage early retirement, Yarrow suggests raising taxes on Social Security benefits taken before the age of 66, and lowering taxes for those who work after that age.

See, to liberals, being an American in good standingisn’t about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It isn’t about freedom. Oh-ho, no!It’s about funding your government, paying more taxes, and redistributing your incomefor others to spend! And as sick it sounds,it really is what they believe– and it’s what they’ll mandatethe minute they geta chance. You have been warned: Don’t doubt me.

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