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“Watch how all the liberals who opposed George W. Bush on faith-based initiatives will line up behind Obama.”

“What Obama’s camp is trying to do here with McCain — with genuine lightweights like Wesley Clark and Rand Beers, who could not wear McCain’s jockstrap — is breathtaking to behold.”

“To me, this is an example of just how diabolical Obama is. He knows the press is going to say that he rebuked Clark when he never did, so he gets away with his campaign being just as mean and diabolical as any other campaign’s ever been while he wears the halo.”

“The Official Obama Criticizer nailed this in his critique: Barack Obama is the first black Clinton — one living in an alternative reality, knowing full well that the Drive-Bys are going to cover for you regarding whatever it is you say.”

“Have you heard about this, Snerdley? ‘Man showers’? It’s a ‘growing trend’? Other than Brian going to a baby shower, I’ve not heard of a ‘growing trend in man showers.'”

“The Democrat Party has now become a full-fledged member of the far left, and the far left and the Democrat Party believe in one thing: America’s guilt — guilt that has been born of prosperity and growth.”

“Surely, ladies and gentlemen, we are not populated by a majority of voters who think their own country sucks. And yet, look at the number of votes these Democrats are going to get!”

“Let me tell you something. If I were going to get married again (God strike me dead), and I told the lucky woman that my best man was going to be a woman, I can’t imagine that going over with a lot of happiness.”

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the grouse are suffering, and, damn it — we’re the ones that deserve to suffer because we’re making the grouse suffer! But let them adapt; they will! They’ll find a Kmart sign to live in like the spotted owl.”

“Wesley Clark is a standing joke in the US military. Wesley Clark is an absolute embarrassment to people.”

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