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RUSH: Grand Rapids, Tim, you’re up first today. Nice to have you on the EIB Network hello.

CALLER: Hello.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: Yes, sir. You bet.

CALLER: My question for you is why more Republicans aren’t, you know, staying on the mountaintops, screaming about all the yellowcake that we successfully removed from Iraq. This goes a lot deeper than that. It appears Joe Wilson was wrong when he went to Niger. It appears Barack Obama was wrong in his reasoning behind voting against the war in Iraq, and it appears that this does, if not exonerate the Bush administration, certainly goes a long way to at least dismissing a lot of the reports that have been coming out about how he lied to go to Iraq.

RUSH: Right. There’s a simple answer for this that’s not satisfying, but one of the reasons that Republicans aren’t standing up and shouting from the mountaintops is that the White House isn’t, and the White House happens to be leading the Republican Party. The White House doesn’t — you know, when there were chemicals and other weapons of mass destruction found, they didn’t want a big deal made of it, and back then (now, this was just a rumor) one of the explanations was that we didn’t want to announce it, the White House didn’t want to make a big deal out of it because some of the weapons of mass destruction had been spirited out of there by the Russians, and we were trying to normalize or improve our diplomatic relations with the Russians. Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I think these 550 tons of yellowcake are from the Gulf War One back in the early nineties. Now, that’s still big news, and the stuff’s outta there. It’s either in Canada or it’s on its way to Canada, but it proves that Saddam was trying to nuke up. You’re exactly right. Now, yellowcake by itself is worthless, you need centrifuges, but he was trying to buy those, too.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Joe Wilson was proclaimed a liar by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The number of people in the Senate and in the media said that Wilson’s report from Niger actually confirmed what Saddam was doing. This whole Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame thing with the yellowcake and the leaking of his wife’s name, that was one of the biggest travesties of the American legal system, and it was a giant, giant media hoax, because Joe Wilson was carrying the water for ‘Bush lied. People died.’ They didn’t care about the truth of it, and today they’re not going to care about it. It’s over. It’s old news. The war in Iraq is being won. The surge is working. They’re not talking about that. I’ll tell you where this stuff that you want to hear — that we all want to hear — needs to come from is the McCain campaign. Now.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: That’s where it needs to come from.

CALLER: The silence is deafening. It almost seems like he’s not trying to win, the way he’s campaigning. This goes right to Barack Obama’s credibility on key issues, and his experience is showing through that he didn’t know what he was talking about, and McCain is silent. I can understand why George Bush is silent. He’s never been one to answer to his critics, but McCain is actually supposed to be trying to win.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I have a different theory here about McCain on all this. I’ll explain it very briefly. You know, we jokingly call Obama The Messiah, and I actually think that’s how he thinks of himself. His campaign pictures always have him in a halo of light. But I think there’s a part of Senator McCain that is similar to that, that he thinks the power of his being there, the power of his existence — coupled with everybody, in his mind, the fact that everybody — knows his story, it leads to valor and honor and integrity. I think he expects a lot of that to carry the day. I think Senator McCain might be running around thinking that America loves him just as much as they did three or four years ago when he was on Hardball every night playing the maverick role. I don’t want to get into psychology. I’m not a shrink. But I think people’s attitudes are interesting to me, because their attitudes can lead you to discover motivation. Now, clearly, Obama has no experience. He’s got limited experience. He’s incompetent. Things that he has said about crucial national issues are dead wrong. He doesn’t understand the economy. Now, it’s still early. I hope that the Republicans are loading both barrels to go after this at the appropriate time. There’s no time like the present, when Obama’s here trying to shift his image with all these moves to the center. They’re just phony, fake moves. He’s still going to be the leftist that he actually espoused during the primaries.

So it’s a frustrating thing. The war in Iraq is demonstrably now a success. I had dinner with some people last night and they always bring up politics when we talk. I don’t understand, like I said last Wednesday before I got outta here, I just don’t understand how the Democrats have a chance. In a sane political environment, they ought not be able to carry but two states, maybe three — New York, Massachusetts, and California, because there are just as many kooks in those three states as there are anybody else. But everything they’ve done they’ve botched. They are actively promoting the decline of America. They are actively promoting economic disaster. They are actively promoting and sought to secure defeat of the United States military in Iraq, and throughout the war on terror. They have impugned the reputations and intentions of the US military and Armed Services personnel all over the world. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They’ve made it very clear that they wish the Constitution were not in their way. In a sane political world (which we don’t live in, of course) they wouldn’t stand a chance. They would be a laughingstock, they would be a joke, and they would be in the process of rebuilding themselves.

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