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RUSH: Have you heard about this? Folks, I’m thinking, and I haven’t finalized details. We’ve been working on the operational plans all morning here at the EIB Network. But it may be time to implement a Phase II of Operation Chaos. Donald Sutherland, who is the father, as you know, of Kiefer Sutherland, who stars in ’24,’ posted something on the Huffington Post, and this is what he wrote. ‘The Democrat National Committee’s Terry McAuliffe mind-set ruined the campaigns of Algore, John Kerry, and Senator Clinton, and now the legions of McAuliffe-ites who have surrounded Barack Obama are doing their damnedest to undermine the possibility of his presidency.’ So, Donald Sutherland believes — this goes on, I’ll finish in a minute — Donald Sutherland believes that Terry McAuliffe and his operatives have infiltrated the Obama campaign for the express purpose of sabotaging it. ‘There’s a well sourced rumor of Machiavellian proportions running around that what’s going to happen is that his base support, Obama’s, will be so demoralized, they won’t have the vital conviction they’ll need this August to withstand a McAuliffe push to persuade disenchanted delegates on the floor of the convention to make a resurgent Hillary Clinton the party’s nominee. His heart and soul is being gutted — Obama’s — and ours with it. Yesterday morning’s news in the Washington Post is that he’s revised his positions on abortion and troop withdrawal. His supporters are being sent to hell in a handbasket, and it has to be stopped.’ This is Donald Sutherland.

Sutherland believes that somebody’s infiltrated the Obama campaign and has suggested he make these policy changes, and they are dooming him, and this conspiracy theory is that Mrs. Clinton, through Mr. McAuliffe, is going to massage things out in Denver so that he doesn’t get the nomination. You couple this with Obama’s plane, Fort Marcy Airlines having to take a detour to St. Louis for a mechanical problem, you get the left-wing kooks out there who are just convinced as they can be that the Clintons are not out of the picture, that they’re still mobilizing behind the scenes to take down Obama, and believe me, they do believe this. So a ripe opportunity here for Operation Chaos, ladies and gentlemen. It’s Phase II, still pondering how to milk this. I think one of the ways we do it is encourage the Donald Sutherlands of the world that they finally have learned the truth that we have always known about the Clintons, and we welcome them to this realization, we praise them for understanding exactly who they’re dealing with.

We forget and ignore how they were duped and looked the other way when the Clintons behaved just this way when they were in power in the nineties. We welcome them to the fold. We suggest to them that they continue this investigation, because they are right, because something smells rotten here in Messiahville. The Messiah changing all these positions, angering the very people who gave him the nomination, and Terry McAuliffe said to be behind all of this. Then, to add to the conspiracy, guess who the Fox News Channel just hired as a contributor? Howard Wolfson. Who is Howard Wolfson? Howard Wolfson was Hillary’s spokesman during the campaign. Howard Wolfson now at the dreaded Fox News, and what he’s saying about Fox is, they’re the fairest, they’re the balanced, most balanced, and they are the best. So the Clintons infiltrating Fox, infiltrating the Obama campaign. Operation Chaos lives on.

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