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RUSH: During the break here I’m thinking about the call from Rafael in Charlotte, North Carolina. I want to make sure I heard this right, you guys. He said that he learned self-reliance from this program, that his father did not teach him self-reliance, is that right? That’s what I thought, and I was thinking about that during the break, and I have to admit, I was kind of blown away by that. I think our most recent show on slackers in America was like five years ago, the theory that 5% of the population is pulling the cart and 95% of the population’s in the cart demanding to be pulled and never thanking the 5% who are pulling it. We’ve done shows on this. To me, the whole concept of self-reliance — I guess I learned it from my parents, the way I was raised and so forth. It seems as natural as breathing. And I am always stunned when I hear people say that it is a new concept that they had to learn and that only when exposed to its explanation did it make sense to them. And I asked myself, ‘How can this be?’ In this country, how can this be? One of the things that we often then realize, self-reliance is impugned.

Liberals, the Drive-By Media, attack people who are self-reliant as though it’s not fair that they are and therefore they need to share and be punished for their achievements. So the whole concept of not being self-reliant is pushed by the American left with aid and abetment from the Drive-By Media. Of course the less self-reliant you are, the more what you are? Dependent, and upon whom? Well, many people have been trained to be dependent on government. A lot of people view the concept of being American as being entitled. So still, though, self-reliance seems something natural to me, do it yourself, take care of yourself. The idea that my wants, my needs are the responsibility of others, is foreign to me, but yet that’s another great thing about Rafael’s call, it was a wake-up that there’s still a lot of people to be taught, or reached, or what have you.

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