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RUSH: I want to go back to an audio sound bite of Barack Obama July 2nd, six days ago. This is in Colorado Springs. He said the following to a meeting of the editorial board of the publication Military Times. Now, before I play this, Obama the other day, in talking about his reversal on the war in Iraq, said that what he would do is he would call in his chief joints of staff and he would tell them, he would give them instructions to end the war now. Do you know how ignorant that is? The Joint Chiefs of Staff, ladies and gentlemen, are not connected to the operational timeline or the operational chart, the organization chart of military operations. They are distinct and separate from their respective services, Air Force chief, the Army chief. They advise the president, but they are not part of the commander structure, and they’re not allowed to participate in the command structure so as to maintain independence and neutrality. And Obama doesn’t even know this. He’s going to bring the chief joints of staff in there and he’s going to tell them to end the war. He is really flailing on this now, trying to recover from his attempt to tell people, ‘I’m going to have to look at the situation there. We may not be able to get out as quickly as possible.’ So with that in mind, his total lack of understanding of how the organizational structure works from the chief joints of staff all the way down to military operations in the field, listen to this comment that he made to the editorial board of the Military Times.

OBAMA: Precisely because I have not served in uniform, I am somebody who strongly believes that I have to earn the trust of the men and women in uniform. I don’t presume that from the day I’m sworn in, every single serviceman or woman suddenly says, ‘This guy knows what he’s doing.’ I have to display those qualities of leadership in listening, in standing up for our military on some of the critical issues we’ve talked about —

RUSH: You’ve blown that.

OBAMA: — on delivering on my promises so that relationships and trust are built and so that people who are serving in our Armed Services feel like, ‘You know what, this is a guy who’s looking out for us and he’s not looking just to score some cheap political points.’

RUSH: It’s exactly what this whole comment was, was an attempt to score some cheap political points. ‘Precisely because I haven’t served in uniform, I’m somebody who strongly believes I have to earn the trust of men and women in uniform.’ Do you know what they think of you now? You’ve done your best to denigrate them. You’ve joined forces with Harry Reid and the surrender aspect. You own defeat. You’re a member of the party that owns defeat’s presidential nominee. You’ve done nothing but say this war is worthless and that you want to get everybody out of there, and it was fought for an unjust cause, for an unjust reason. ‘I have to earn the trust of men and women.’ Sir, you don’t have to earn their trust. They are your employees. When you are elected president of the United States, it is their trust of you that you must earn, and he knows this. I guarantee you that he’s not going to sit in there pandering to these guys if he’s ever in the Oval Office and the Joint Chiefs come in, he’s going to be telling them what he wants after listening to what they say. They are servants, they are employees. He’s just pandering here to Military Times in order to try to soften his anti-military image that he has built up over all of these months of the presidential campaign.

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