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RUSH: In fact, there’s a story in the stack today that the brain creates noise and the smarter and the more active the brain, the more noise. They figured the older that you get the less noise the brain creates. Now, you people know about my brain; it’s one of the best. And my brain does create noise, I’m not kidding. Some people have said, ‘Well, Rush, it’s tinnitus, the ringing tones that you hear in your ears.’ Since I went deaf, I have this all the time, but in my right ear constantly. It’s been there since I lost my hearing, and finally it’s become so much a part of my existence, I have to concentrate on hearing it, but it’s there. I really think I’m hearing Gregorian chants all day long, and it’s crystal clear. I asked the ear doctors about it, they said the mind plays strange games, but it literally sounds like a high quality tape just looped in my brain as though I have normal, very good hearing. It’s the strangest thing. I read this story today and it explains it. I have a great brain, and great brains make a lot of noise. Why it’s Gregorian chants, I couldn’t tell you. My own personal soundtrack and it’s in there for something.

Speaking of soundtracks, sometimes I do hear soundtracks from Westerns. I do. In fact, let me give you an example of a soundtrack of a western that I sometimes hear. You remember the old Blazing Saddles tune? Well, my brain plays a different version of that.

(playing of Blazing Saddles spoof)

Right, all right. That’s white comedian Paul Shanklin, ladies and gentlemen, of course the takeoff on Blazing Saddles, theme song for the movie Blazing Saddles. There’s something on the tip of my fertile brain and now these Gregorian chants are so loud that I cannot remember what it was I was going to say.

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