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RUSH: From the Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun: ‘Psychiatrists have detected the first case of ‘climate change delusion’ — and they haven’t even yet got to Kevin Rudd and his global warming guru.’ Kevin Rudd, the new prime minister of Australia. ‘Writing in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, Joshua Wolf and Robert Salo of our Royal Children’s Hospital say this delusion was a ‘previously unreported phenomenon.” Here’s the first reported case. ‘A 17-year-old man was referred to the inpatient psychiatric unit at Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne with an eight-month history of depressed mood . . . He also . . . had visions of apocalyptic events.’ By the way, who else has visions of apocalyptic events? Algore has visions of apocalyptic events. Arnold Schwarzenegger has visions of apocalyptic events. James Hansen of NASA has visions of apocalyptic events. I would suggest, ladies and gentlemen, these people would also qualify to be referred as patients suffering climate change delusion. ‘The patient had also developed the belief that, due to climate change, his own water consumption could lead within days to the deaths of millions of people through exhaustion of water supplies.’

This piece, by the way, written by Andrew Bolt. ‘Never mind the poor boy, who became too terrified even to drink. What’s scarier is that people in charge of our government seem to suffer from this ‘climate change delusion’, too. Here is Prime Minister Kevin Rudd yesterday, with his own apocalyptic vision: ‘If we do not begin reducing the nation’s levels of carbon pollution, Australia’s economy will face more frequent and severe droughts, less water, reduced food production and devastation of areas such as the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu wetlands.” Ladies and gentlemen, how many of you have young children in school all the way up to high school who come home every day and tell you of the latest fear that they have based on what they have been told by their deranged teachers in school? How many of you have tried to talk them out of it and your kids will not listen ’cause they heard it in school and ’cause they’ve seen Algore’s movie and ’cause even on some of the Saturday morning cartoons or on MTV or whatever else rotgut they watch, this message is consistently pummeled into them. So now you’ve got a case of a 17-year-old kid who is afraid to drink water ’cause he thinks the world is going to run out if he does, and other people will die.

Here’s another example. This clearly, to me, qualifies as global warming climate change delusion. I don’t know where this is from. It’s an AP story: ‘Megan Schroeder rides her bike or walks to school to do her part to help the planet. She also likes the incentives that her school, Bear Creek Elementary, uses to reward kids who ditch mom or dad’s car in favor of biking or walking. ‘You get treats, too — usually some kind of food. I won a bike at the awards ceremony,’ said Megan, 8, of Boulder, Colo. ‘Since I like animals, I want to save the environment.” Hello, polar bear pictures. Hello fraudulent polar bear pictures. Hello, fraudulent penguin pictures. Hello fraudulent scare stories about caribou and oil pipelines.

‘Across the country, schools are encouraging families to forgo their cars to promote healthy habits, relieve traffic congestion around school buildings and reduce auto emissions. Students who live too far to walk or bike are asked to form car pools, use public transportation or walk part of the way. … Some parents worry about their children’s safety, bad weather and heavy book bags. Many find it easier to drop their kids off at school on the way to work. ‘I knew there was going to be some resistance from parents,’ said Sal LaSpisa, school-age childcare director at the Garfield YMCA. ‘They were apprehensive.’ But it usually didn’t take them long to appreciate the value of walking, he said. ‘They saw not only how great it is, but how simple it is.’ Walking provides an opportunity to exercise and socialize before school, proponents say, and can have a long-term impact on health.’ See, it’s all wrapped up here. This is just an effort to totally control as much of individual life and decisions as possible, starting with these little skulls full of mush just waiting to absorb all kinds of rotgut drivel and bilge.

It’s gotten to the point now where people are actually thinking that if they get in a car, they’re destroying the planet, and if they walk, they’re saving the planet. A bunch of people with meaningless lives who desperately want to matter, who desperately want to so-called contribute, and so they fall into these notions of doing silly things. We just saw, was this in New York City? That videotape? It was some city, and what was it called, a green cargo bike. It was a new way of transporting cargo in cities. It looked like a four-wheel bicycle with some guy chugging along pedaling and so forth. (interruption) It was a girl, fine, doesn’t matter. Tight in the middle of all this traffic it’s doing five miles an hour while cars are trying to get around it and doing their usual 30, 35, whatever the speed limit, whatever you can go in the city, whatever the speed limit will allow, and we’re going back to rickshaws! They’re taking us back to rickshaws. Don’t say they’re taking us back to the horse and buggy because they don’t even allow those in New York and they’re trying to stamp ’em out anyway ’cause of the horsies. (doing lib impression) ‘Yes, it’s cruel to the horsies to have to pull all those fat people through Central Park on the heavy, ugly, hideous carriages. The fat people, they should be walking through Central Park. These poor horses are being abused, Mr. Limbaugh.’ So they don’t even want to take us back to the horse and buggy — I’m on the verge of profanity here — better take a time-out.


RUSH: I want to share a little bit more of this column from the Herald Sun from Australia with you, written by Andrew Bolt about the official psychiatric designation now of climate change delusion. ‘And here is a senior Sydney Morning Herald journalist aghast at the horrors described in the report on global warming released on Friday by Rudd’s guru, Professor Ross Garnaut: ‘Australians must pay more for petrol, food and energy or ultimately face a rising death toll…” So I guess the prime minister’s new campaign slogan when he’s up for reelection will be: ‘Pay more for food or die.’ As Mr. Bolt says, ‘We can laugh at this — and must — but the price for such folly may soon be your job, or at least your cash. Rudd and Garnaut want to scare you into backing their plan to force people who produce everything from petrol to coal-fired electricity, from steel to soft drinks, to pay for licences to emit carbon dioxide — the gas they think is heating the world to hell. The cost of those licences, totalling in the billions, will then be passed on to you through higher bills for petrol, power, food, housing, air travel and anything else that uses lots of gassy power. In some countries they’re even planning to tax farting cows, so there’s no end to the ways you can be stung. Rudd hopes this pain will make you switch to expensive but less gassy alternatives, and — hey presto — the world’s temperature will then fall,’ already as it is.

I’ve got a graph here sent to me by my Official EIB Climatologist, Dr. Roy Spencer. He has a graph that he prepares. It’s tough to describe this on the radio. I’ll send this graph up to Koko, Jr., because Koko, Sr., is on vacation. So I’ll send this up to Koko, Jr. But it is a chart of the global average temperatures from NOAA and NASA satellites beginning in 2006. The chart runs all the way out through 2015. On the left side, the temperature departure from normal in Celsius degrees, Algore is predicting that by 2015, we will have increased the global average temperature by .8 degree Celsius. However, the actual temperatures, the global average temperatures since the middle of 2006 have fallen and in fact in June of this year, just a few short days ago, the readings for that month came out, and the global average temperature in June, in May, fell almost two-tenths of a degree Celsius. After a high in about mid-2006 of the global average temperature being .6 degrees Celsius above mean, or above the norm, it’s fallen from .6 above to .2 below since 2006. It is cooling while we’re pumping all these gases out there, it is cooling off around the world.

I have another chart here. By the way, these are actually graphs from many, many moons ago, on a science website that depict arctic ice. Do you know the amount of ice in the arctic this month versus this month 20 years ago is identical? There’s not less ice now than there was then, and there’s not more ice than there was then. They say it’s all going to disappear, which is nonsense. Total, 100% hoax. Meanwhile, while all this is going on, while the Australian government is telling its citizens, ‘Pay more or die,’ which is about what we’re being told here, in fact, this poor kid in Australia thinks if he drinks the world’s going to die so he’s killing himself by not drinking. They had to put him in a psycho ward. Your kid could be next, folks. Now, in China, the ChiComs released their own global warming strategy a year ago, its own Garnaut report — this is Rudd’s guru in Australia — ‘which bluntly refused to cut its total emissions. Said Ma Kai, head of China’s powerful State Council: ‘China does not commit to any quantified emissions-reduction commitments … our efforts to fight climate change must not come at the expense of economic growth.” The ChiComs, of all people, get it! The ChiComs!

If anybody ought to be leading the charge on this, it would be socialist communists, but the ChiComs know full well the disaster that awaits anybody who buys into the delusion and the requirements to fulfill the delusion as advanced by Algore. Mr. Bolt writes, ‘In fact, we had to get used to more gas from China, not less: ‘It is quite inevitable that during this (industrialisation) stage, China’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions will be quite high.” Damn straight. They’re growing. They’re going to expand. Here’s another instance. India. India has said that it will not stop its per capita emissions from growing ‘until they match those of countries such as the US.’ Right now the emissions per capita in India are 1.02 tons. We are at 20 tons. So the nation of India says, screw you, we’re going to keep growing and we’re going to keep emitting until we equal the United States. Now, ‘Given it has one billion people, that’s a promise to gas the world like it’s never been gassed before. … What makes the Indian report so interesting is that unlike our Ross Garnaut, who just accepted the word of those scientists wailing we faced doom, the Indian experts went to the trouble to check what the climate was actually doing and why. Their conclusion? They couldn’t actually find anything bad in India that was caused by man-made warming: ‘No firm link between the documented (climate) changes described below and warming due to anthropogenic climate change has yet been established.’ In fact, they couldn’t find much change in the climate at all.’ As their emissions are growing, they found no change in the climate in India whatsoever. And this is because there isn’t any.

There isn’t any change in the climate of the United States. There’s no change in the climate of China, other than it’s more polluted. There’s no change in the climate of Australia. The temperature is going down worldwide. It’s the forecasts of the apocalypse. Oh, yes. Going to happen ten years from now, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now, they say. This is just the lull before the storm. And don’t forget, a bunch of these doomsayers actually admitted six months or so ago that ocean patterns in the Pacific were responsible for this cooling, and they were going to delay the onset of warming for nine years, but, boy, after those nine years, Katie, bar the door, batten down the hatches because we are gonna cook. Meanwhile, with all these emissions, somehow the earth is finding a way to cool things. I don’t believe the emissions warm the planet in the first place. I don’t buy any of it. But your kids are being sold this bill of goods, folks. They are eating it up. Keep a sharp eye on them. They might soon qualify for Climate Change Delusion Syndrome.

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