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RUSH: Now I mentioned at the top of the program, ladies and gentlemen, time for Phase II Operation Chaos. Here are orders from headquarters. But first a little setup. There are two things happening that provide opportunities for troops in Operation Chaos to be deployed in Phase II. The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama, the most merciful, has issued commandments to the Democrat National Committee. It is his will that the way the party platform is written be changed. This year with the blessings of The Messiah, Lord Obama, the process of writing the Democrat Party platform will be open to the public. Do you see where we’re headed here? Yes, my friends, lowly subjects, people like you from the voting class who are only of interest once every four years to people like Obama, you will be allowed to sit in the same room as elitist Democrat operatives to craft the Democrat Party platform. Along with this new commandment from the Most Merciful Lord Obama, it was revealed that the Lord Obama will deliver his acceptance speech at Denver’s outdoor stadium, Invesco Field at Mile High, after which thousands in attendance will genuflect and he will then ascend into the clouds, ladies and gentlemen.

By the way, there’s trouble on this front. Because of this move out of the Pepsi Center and over to Invesco Field at Mile High, executives at the three broadcast networks are beside themselves, they don’t have the money to cover all this. They’ve already invested all they have, all they want to spend, anyway, in the Pepsi Center, and then to have to travel across town to Mile High and set up all the equipment over there, they are telling Obama, ‘Guess what? We may have to cut back on some of the convention coverage earlier in the week if we’re going to cover your speech over there at the stadium,’ to which The Messiah will say, ‘Fine, I don’t care what happens before I get on stage because mostly it’s going to be about Hillary.’ By the way, trouble on that front as well. Obama donors are not stepping up to help retire Hillary’s debt. In fact, some Obama supporters believe that Hillary purposely ran up that debt to harm him, that she continued to stay in the race, which caused her to run up the debt, and all she did by staying in the race was bloody up Obama, thanks to Operation Chaos Phase I. So some Obama supporters said, ‘Why the hell should we pay off her date? She only ran the debt up to rip us.’ There’s trouble in paradise. Where there should be unity, there are factions. Where there should be love and common ground, there are daggers presenting, ladies and gentlemen, the opportunity for Phase II of Operation Chaos.

Deputy campaign manager Steve Hildebrand offered this guidance concerning the platform edict. He said the Most Merciful Obama ‘believes that every American should be able to contribute to the Democratic platform, just as record numbers have participated in this campaign.’ So the Most Merciful Messiah, Lord Barack Obama, wants people in every state in record numbers to participate. Perhaps this can be arranged, ladies and gentlemen. As supreme commander of Operation Chaos, I have an announcement of my own, to all forward position troops in the 50 states — make that 57 states — you are on alert. In coming days, we will tell you exactly how you can participate in writing — ha-ha-ha — the Democrat Party platform at the request of the Most Merciful Lord Barack Obama. You will be called upon once again to serve your country as you did so brilliantly this past spring on another mission, delivering more chaos to the Democrat Party at their own invitation.


RUSH: One more opportunity for Operation Chaos Phase II. ‘Barack Obama’s presidential campaign modified a solicitation for donations on its national website Tuesday evening to comply with Minnesota lottery laws after it was informed by a state law enforcement investigator that it was violating state law.’ I told you this yesterday, they’re running a lottery, and the Obama website was offering supporters ‘who donated at least $5 to the campaign a chance to win a free trip for two to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.’ They were going to have ten winners, each winner can bring a guest, a hotel room overnight, and a chance to meet The Messiah backstage at the Invesco Field at Mile High and then to watch his acceptance speech from there. But Obama screwed up, ladies and gentlemen, one of the most basic rules: Thou shalt not create a lottery. Isn’t state regulation a b-i-itch, folks? It gets in the way of everybody, even messiahs. Anyway, here’s the opportunity for Phase II of Operation Chaos. The Democrats want ten winners out of people that contribute five bucks or more to the Obama campaign. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if some or even all of those winners happened to be Operation Chaos troops?

Now, in the past, ladies and gentlemen, as your commanding officer, orders from headquarters have never included you spending any money. This remains your option. If you go to the Obama website, you find a way, ’cause they’ve revamped it. I mean, they haven’t pulled it, but they’ve revamped it. So if you go to the website, the Obama website, you will be able to see this little contest and send ’em ten bucks as a campaign donation. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Why should we pay for his campaign?’ I understand this. That’s why it’s purely elective. This is not a command order. But it does represent an opportunity for Operation Chaos troops to perhaps end up on stage at the Democrat National Convention at Mile High at Invesco Field.

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