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RUSH: I mentioned, ladies and gentlemen, that while Iran has launched a bunch of missiles that can reach Israel, Obama is telling everybody we need to learn to speak Spanish. Let’s listen to Obama discussing this latest development from Iran. First, we’ll start at Good Morning America today. Diane Sawyer said to The Messiah, ‘As you know, Iran has test-fired nine missiles, including one of them the Shahab-3 that has a 1250-mile range. They said it could reach Israel. What should the US do in response?’

OBAMA: Instead of engaging in over-the-top rhetoric, what we should be doing is gathering our allies together in a serious effort to apply sanctions to Iran and encourage them to change their behavior.

RUSH: Stop the tape. What does he think has been going on, for crying out loud? The European Union, our favorite allies, according to Obama, have been jawboning with Ahmadinejad and the Iranians for years. The Bush administration, ‘Okay, you want to farm all this out, you want them to do it, we’ll stay out of it because we’re in Iraq, fine,’ the European Union did it, they came up with nothing. Ahmadinejad reputedly spat in the face of everybody he was talking to. The UN sent their atomic agency guy in there, Mohammed ElBaradei, said these guys aren’t cutting back on anything. The UN even said this. We have had sanctions on Iran. We have frozen Iranian assets. We have done everything he suggests that we do, and where has it led? To nine missiles being launched today. Here’s the rest of the meaningless, uninformed, ignorant drivel from The Messiah.

OBAMA: We also had a report that, uh, exports from the United States to Iran have actually increased during the Bush years, uh, and it’s that kind of mixed signal that I think, uh, has led to the kind of situation that we’re in right now. Iran is a grave threat. We have to make sure that we are working with our allies to — to, uh, to apply tightening pressure, uh, economically on Iran, at the same time as we start engaging in the kind of direct diplomacy, uh, that can lead them to standing down on issues like nuclear weapons.

RUSH: What does this guy not get? I told you he’s an appeaser. This is our fault. Iran launched these missiles because it’s our fault, because of our over-the-top rhetoric, because we’re just being too big a bully. I am so sick and tired of people in this party blaming this country for the rogue behavior of tyrants and dictators, and Obama is doing it. You heard his reference here, ‘We also had a report that exports from the US to Iran have actually increased during the Bush years.’ They have, but there’s a reason. In fact, McCain was asked about this yesterday. He was in Pittsburgh, and here’s the exchange.

REPORTER: We’ve learned that the exports to Iran increased by tenfold during the Bush administration, the biggest export was cigarettes. Given that the — yeah — that the — supposedly —

MCCAIN: That’s a way of killing them. (laughter) I meant that as a joke.

RUSH: Were you able to hear that? The reporter said, ‘We’ve got all these exports, exports to Iran increased by tenfold during the Bush administration.’ And the reporter said to McCain, ‘Yeah, and the biggest export was cigarettes,’ and McCain goes, (doing McCain impression) ‘That’s a way of killing them, that’s a way of killing them, it’s a joke, it’s a joke.’ He did, he said it’s a way of killing them. (laughing) Let me tell you about these exports. Even I, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve said this before, it is so embarrassing that I, El Rushbo, a mere mortal, working in media, know more about what’s going on in Iran and why we’re doing it than the Democrat Party’s damn nominee. Cigarettes, hairspray, we are exporting goods and services to the people of Iran because there is a growing opposition to the mullahs in Iran, and we want the population of Iran on our side. This is one of the reasons we have not yet launched any kind of military action because the people of Iran have hope that we are going to be able to rid them of the vise grip in which they are held by the mullahs and Ahmadinejad. So of course we export things to them that improve or make their lives better. If they like cigarettes, so what? A lot of people do. Screw it if you don’t. If they do, fine. (doing McCain impression) ‘If they want to kill themselves, he-he, he-he, he-he, let ’em.’ No, it’s the wrong attitude to have.

They’re not getting airplane parts; they’re not getting missile parts; they’re not getting military parts. They’re getting consumer things. We’re trying to establish a good relationship with the people of Iran, and The Messiah, Lord Obama, is clueless. ‘Instead of engaging in over-the-top rhetoric.’ Where is the over-the-top rhetoric coming from? How about from Ahmadinejad, threatening to annihilate Israel every other week. I’m sick and tired of this, folks. We looked straight into the eyes of evil, and when Obama does, he sees the United States. He sees this little midget running around, Ahmadinejad, as a by-product of American belligerence and imperialism. If we were just nice people, if we just didn’t have these bullies like Bush and Cheney, why, Ahmadinejad would be nice to us. It is a level of ignorance that portends a danger that is unthinkable to me if this guy actually wins the White House. Let’s go back, by the way, May 18th in Pendleton, Oregon, at a campaign event, Senator Obama said this about American foreign policy.

OBAMA: Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They don’t pose a serious threat to us. Iran, they spend one one-hundredth of what we spend on the military. If Iran ever tried to pose a serious threat to us, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

RUSH: Hell, it’s just the exact opposite. If you end up in power, they’re going to be able to do anything they want because they know you’re not going to react at all. They launched nine missiles at Israel and you come out with some pompous, arrogant ignorance that ought to embarrass everybody in your party. Then this morning on the Today Show after he was finished waxing eloquent on ABC, Obama was queried by Matt Lauer who said, ‘If you were president this morning, what would your immediate response be to all these missile tests by Iran?’

OBAMA: Well, I think we’ve gotta gather up all the intelligence, uh, necessary with the situation, but there’s no doubt that we’re seeing rising tensions in the area, and it’s part of the reason why it’s so important for us to have a coherent policy with respect to Iran. It has to combine much tougher, uh, threats of economic sanctions with direct diplomacy, opening up channels of communication so that we avoid provocation but we give strong incentives for the Iranians to change their behavior. We gotta have —

RUSH: Lord.

OBAMA: — more aggressive diplomacy that unfortunately has been absent, uh, over the last several years. If we don’t, then we’re going to continue to see, uh, rising tensions that could lead into real problems.

RUSH: It is a real problem. They just launched nine missiles today, doofus! Gather up all the intelligence? Watch your television. ‘No doubt that we’re seeing rising tensions, part of the reason why it’s so important for us to have a coherent policy with respect to Iran?’ There’s nothing coherent in anything Obama has said about this since the tests of the missiles took place. ‘Much tougher threats of economic sanctions?’ The Germans, the French have joined us in freezing some assets on a couple banks here and there. I’m stunned. Well, I know, obviously that Obama has to take this position. This is the leftist position, America’s responsible for this. Bush is incompetent; Bush lied. Only Obama and his munificence can fix this situation simply by virtue of his presence. I mean that’s the campaign lingo. But, meanwhile, while all this pontificating and preening in the mirror goes on, they’ve launched the missiles, one of them that can hit Israel. And I guarantee you there’s nobody in Israel, I don’t care how far leftist some of the Israelis can be, nobody there saying, ‘You know, we need to go talk to these guys. We need to have direct diplomacy. We need to ratchet down the over-the-top lingo.’ I guarantee you.


RUSH: Okay, Barack, you’re president now. You’re president. The Iranians don’t stand a chance, right? That’s what they said about the Germans back in the late thirties, they don’t stand a chance, dinky little country. How about 19 terrorists on an airplane, Obama? I bet you wouldn’t think they stood a chance, either. So you’re president. What would you say, Obama, to the Iranians to convince them to stop building offensive forces and nukes against Israel and Lebanon and Iraq and others? What would you do, Obama? It’s one thing to sit there and say we need direct diplomacy and all this other rotgut drivel that pours out of your mouth, but what would you do? What would you do to stop the Russians? What would you do to stop the North Koreans and the ChiComs, Obama, from supporting Iran? That’s who Iran’s allies are, Russia, the North Koreans, and the ChiComs. What would you say to Iran to stop ’em, President Obama? Let’s hear it! Give it a try. Don’t just sit there and pontificate, the usual John Kerry line, ‘We just need to do it smarter. We need to fight the war smarter. We need to do our diplomacy smarter.’

Somebody show me some grain of intelligence on the left in the Democrat Party, and I might listen to it. I don’t hear any intelligence. I don’t hear any smarts. Just give it a try, Obama, so we can all know the wisdom that you would use, that nobody else has come up with to deal with people like Ahmadinejad, Adolf Hitler, you tell us. You tell us, President Obama, just what would you do? About this business the Iranians don’t stand a chance. Look at it from their perspective, Obama. What happened when they overran our embassy and took hostages in 1979? Nothing. One of the guys that was in that group that took the hostages is now the president, Ahmadinejad. Obama, what happened when Iran had Hezbollah blow up the Marine barracks, 1983, 241 US Marines killed? What happened to them after they did that, Obama? What happened when Iran had its Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah blow up the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, 19 US Air Force members killed in 1996, what happened to them, Obama? Seems to me, Obama, they challenge us plenty, and they’ve stood a pretty good chance doing so, because we don’t do anything. Jimmy Carter thought he could deal with these people the same way you do, and all that happened was a bunch of helicopters and military equipment got ground into the dust of the desert during an aborted pathetic rescue attempt.


RUSH: Boy, I’ll bet the Iranians are quaking in their boots now, ladies and gentlemen. A House committee has just convened to discuss the Iranian’s launching of nine missiles, one of which has the range necessary to strike Israel. That’s the way to handle it, have a bunch of meetings in Washington.

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