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RUSH: Before we go to the break, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat National Committee got wind yesterday of my ordering Phase II of Operation Chaos. They are ecstatic. You know, Phase II of Operation Chaos, they’re going to have these nationwide platform meetings where they want you, the members of the voting class, to show up at these various meetings around the country, while they pretend that what they hear from you will affect what their platform’s going to be.

So this is the next phase. If they’re going to invite Americans in, I think we should send as many operatives and troops in as possible to make contributions to the Democrat Platform Committee, right down the line conservative, just to see what happens. Well, the Democrat National Committee says come on in, operatives. They issued the following statement from Michael Yaki, the party’s national platform director: ‘We’d like to thank Rush Limbaugh for publicizing the ‘Listening to America’ events and extend an open invitation to him and his listeners to attend. The Democratic Party is not afraid to listen to the wide array of views the American people have on the issues they care about — that is what makes our nation strong. People across the country — of all political persuasions — are tired of business as usual in Washington and people like Limbaugh who are more concerned with scoring political points than changing the direction of our country. Unlike John McCain and the Republican Party, Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee are encouraging Americans across the country to get involved and make their voices heard. If Limbaugh’s dittoheads want to join other Americans, united in their belief that their voices should be heard in Washington, talking about their hopes, dreams, and concerns in their living rooms, community centers, and churches, and reporting back on these discussions to the Platform Drafting Committee, then they’re welcome to join one of the 655 events in 47 states organized in just 24 hours.’

And so there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat National Committee has officially extended an invitation to all of you Operation Chaos troops. You will not have to infiltrate — (interruption) what cash? I know that but they’re not going to be charging people to go into these things. Do you have to pay to get into one of these? I haven’t heard that. They may pass the plate once you get in there, but I can’t believe that you gotta pay to get into these things.

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