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RUSH: Shreveport, Louisiana, home of Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers, and Hal Sutton, PGA Tour. This is Keith. Nice to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush. Hey, man, I love you, but I’m damn tired of you bashing the Boomers all the time. You are a Boomer. We’re one of the greatest generations this country’s ever had.

RUSH: Some of us are, yes.

CALLER: No, the majority of us are. But you don’t hear about us because we’re working our ass off —

RUSH: I talk about you all the time. I praise you guys all — you are the backbone of —

CALLER: Oh, please, Rush. Come on, man. You’re bashing us all the time, why don’t you put the blame where it belongs, on the World War II generation? They’re the ones that started Social Security. Then LBJ came along and screwed us some more. Come on. It won’t stop. When do we get ’em paid back? Thank you for saving us from —

RUSH: An intergenerational fight has broken out here on the EIB Network. You know, I understand your point because while the Greatest Generation did some great things, they also gave themselves an entitlement program.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: And now they expect everybody else to pay for it because of their great sacrifice in saving the country.

CALLER: They did the same thing we would have done if it had been at our feet. We didn’t start Vietnam but we got tossed into it. Now, my dad was from the World War II generation, he taught me an immense amount of things. But all he did was put his head down and butt up and worked his ass off.

RUSH: Right, so did my dad, too, but there are a lot of Boomers who will not even look at their butts, much less work their asses off because they want to whine and moan about the fact that things aren’t going well for them. A lot of Boomers, compared to their parents, we had to invent our own traumas out there, Keith. You know I’m right about this.

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