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RUSH: This is stupid! So Dianne Feinstein is being interviewed on Fox, and she’s been asked a question. ‘What’s the most important thing we can do? What is your plan? What is the most important thing we can do to bring down the price of oil?’ She said, ‘Explore alternatives.’ Now, Dianne Feinstein might be a wonderful woman. She might be a loving lady. But would somebody explain to me why she’s an expert when it comes to energy? This is another one of my bugaboos. We elect these people. They go to Washington, House and Senate, and immediately upon them is conferred expert status. And then she opens her mouth, and proves she doesn’t know diddly-squat about what we’re talking about here.

‘What’s the first thing we could do to lower prices?’

‘Well, get out of oil.’

Yeah, and use what? The four wind turbines at Rock Port, Missouri?


RUSH: My friends, I’m sitting here still fuming over this. The leftists will not give it up. Here we have genuine ignorance and stupidity on parade on the Fox News Channel with Dianne Feinstein. Martha MacCallum is talking to Dianne Feinstein. Here’s the question: ‘Tell me what you think is the number-one thing, the number-one thing we can do? Everybody wants to see these prices come down. What is your plan, the number-one thing we can do?’

FEINSTEIN: The main thing we can do is push as hard as we can to move away from fossil fuel use, to develop those alternatives as quickly as we can: Solar, wind, hybrids, hydrogen, conservation, biofuels, all those things that can make America truly energy independent and solve what is becoming a major problem.

RUSH: And not one of them is going to bring the price of oil down. Not one of them is online and workable for decades, if then. So in the meantime, we have this, which is supposed to be brilliant coming from the United States Senator. They’re smarter than the rest of us, folks, this is what we should do, this is the advice we should follow. And we got people out there going, (panting) ‘I love Di Fi! She’s so smart, yes, yes, no more fossil fuels.’ Then we have somebody calling here who wants to beat up on the oil companies. Now, there’s a lot of stupidity that just happened here and it isn’t anything in the oil companies and what they do. From the Wall Street Journal: ‘Companies don’t know how much oil is under the lands that they lease.’ They don’t know it, liberals! Unlike you, who know everything. So what they do, liberals, they buy up large swaths, they lease large swaths of land hoping that a fraction will work out and produce some oil and gas. Much of the area that isn’t producing, they say, doesn’t have oil or gas in commercially viable quantities. ‘Moreover, bringing a new field into production can require years of mapping and testing and drilling and construction, during which time the land would show up in statistics as being not in production, even as companies spend millions or more out there.’

So while you think that 68 million acres is not being used, they’re probably out there on a lot of them right now trying to find if they’re worthwhile, but they’re listed as not in production because they’re not producing anything. Not a word, not a word about these left-wing groups, these environmentalist wackos who try to stop all this with lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit, they try to stop or delay drilling. This is happening all the time. Now they’re using the Endangered Species Act to do this, and they’re using the polar bear and the EPA and so forth. Why don’t you complain about them? You want to talk about who’s responsible for oil and fossil fuel prices going up, friend, it is your friends on the left that are directly responsible for this. I don’t care if they’re elected, I don’t care if they’re some bunch of people that live off donations, don’t have the guts or the ability to get a real job. They just send out fundraising letters, and idiots like you send them money, thinking that you are saving the planet. Biggest bunch of dupes — most liberals are just duped. The leadership liberals are vicious, Stalinists, but most liberals are just a bunch of dupes, meaningless lives, wanting to matter. They buy into this notion that their stupid cell phone charger is destroying the planet. I wish we could institutionalize all of them with global warming derangement syndrome or whatever they claimed it down in Australia, the kid that wouldn’t drink any water because he thought the world would run out if he had a glass. That’s the answer, institutionalize these people. We got plenty of places.

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