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RUSH: Here’s Mark in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hey!

CALLER: (bad cell connection) Hey. I am so ticked off about these gas prices. Let me get right to the point. It’s about time we use the military to take over the oil in the Middle East and put these little egghead oil barons in their place and separate them from the oil they hold hostage over all of us. Use the military; take over the oil fields. Put one or two of them on the market for $45 a barrel, and watch the market collapse, and then — and then — the world will love us because we finally did something good for everybody on the planet.

RUSH: (laughter) Let me… (laughter) My hearing today is bad. I’ve got a tinnitus hum that’s making everything muffled here, and I’m having to read the transcription of callers today. Let me ask you. You want the US military to go in and basically do a US military coup and take over the Saudi oil fields?

CALLER: Oh, not just Saudi Arabia. I’d like to hit a couple of people in Dubai who are running up the prices with their trading (garbled), too.

RUSH: Oh. Okay, so we go into Dubai. We go into Qatar. We go into Kuwait. We go into United Arab Emirates. We go into Abu Dhabi.

CALLER: We do a big foot stomp all over them, and we separate them from their oil.

RUSH: Take over all the oil wells, like Saddam was going to do.

CALLER: And force it onto the market at $45 a barrel and put these people in the poorhouse. I’m sick and tired of my money going over there to make some (bleep) over there who hates me rich and let ’em go flying around the world in this jet.

RUSH: Do you know where the bleep button is? You better hit it. We only got 40 seconds the bleep button. You better hit the bleep button. Did we hit the bleep button? Good. Okay, so we’re back live now. All right. Nasty, nasty choice of words to describe our friends the Saudis, Mark. Very, very, very, very nasty word. I thought a little bit here about letting it go, but my decorum and my cultural instincts said we had to bleep that. I’m sorry.

CALLER: (clicks off)

RUSH: He hung up? It’s just too bad. All right, so the idea’s on the table. (laughing) Snerdley, what is your aim today with your selection of callers? You think this is a good idea? You think the guy’s got a good point, is that why you put him through? You thought it was a good idea? That’s right. Okay. You want to hear my reaction to this. You put this guy up because you thought, ‘Wow, it will be fun to hear Rush react to this.’ You gotta understand here, most of the left thinks that we’re already doing this. Most of the left thinks that we already are in the Middle East and that Bush and Cheney are actually the ones in charge of the oil fields.

They already think this, and that that’s why the price is so high. Okay, US military basically to the sandbox. We go in with whatever measure of force is necessary — short of anything that would destroy the oil fields, the production equipment, and the wells. We kick all of the Saudis out. We say, ‘You guys have bled us dry for the last time. You guys are going to find out what it’s like to live on $45-a-barrel oil,’ and then we go out and do this, and the rest of the world loves us. Even if we’re able to pull this off… Why stop? Why not go and do this in Iran, too? Let’s just take care of all these stones with one footstep, one footprint. Go in and do the same thing to Iran, and then the rest of the world will love us? There is just one problem with this, maybe two, and it’s called Russia and China. (laughs) I don’t think they’ll sit idly by and clap, folks (applauding), while we do this.

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