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Rush’s Morning Update: Good Kids
Original Airdate: April 3, 2008

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It used to be, disgruntled students showed dissatisfaction with the teacher by muttering wisecracks or passing notes or throwing spitballs. The more adventurous might even play harmless practical jokes. Students today are a different breed.

A group of third graders attending Center Elementary School in south Georgia took exception when their teacher disciplined one of them for standing on a chair in class. So the eight- and nine-year-olds decided to take matters into their own hands.

One came to school with a broken steak knife; others brought handcuffs, duct tape, blunt instruments, and other items. The third graders also handed out assignments to themselves. One’s job was to cover the windows, to prevent anyone from witnessing the planned attack; another was supposed to ‘clean up’ the crime scene after the attack. In all, at least nine of these little angels were involved.

The cops were notified after some busybody kid informed a teacher. Waycross, Georgia, police chief Tony Tanner said there was no evidence that the kids intended to kill the teacher, but they could have “accidentally” killed her. Well, that’s a hell of a difference.

The students, you’ll be happy to learn, are too young to be charged criminally under Georgia law. They’ve been suspended from school while officials determine what to do with them. You’ll be even happier to know the school’s principal, Angie Coleman, considers the kiddie mob plot “an isolated incident.” “We have good kids,” she says.

Yes, indeed. Good kids! Aren’t they all? Good kids with bright, promising futures. Really good kids. Blame the teacher. [They] work well with others, too!

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