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RUSH: Hey, somebody answer a question for me. Has Obama found Bin Laden yet? Has Obama solved Middle East peace yet? Oh that’s tomorrow. Has he made the rivers run with gold yet? Has he stopped the need for war? Has he walked on water yet? That’s for Sunday. Man, oh, man, what is Obama doing? He’s pimping Bush’s ride, ladies and gentlemen. That is precisely the way to describe this, pimping Bush’s ride. Here’s a guy that’s been in the Senate for 143 days, rather, saying we need more troops in Afghanistan when he goes over there? Wow, are we loaded today. Great to be back, great to be with you, El Rushbo, behind the Golden EIB Microphone, the Limbaugh Institute. Telephone number if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

This is amazing. This guy is getting more fawning coverage than Princess Di ever got, than Mother Teresa ever got, than the Beatles ever got. These are Obamagasms. It is fascinating to watch. It’s like the media are helicopter parents. Their little kid Obama has gone off to summer camp, but they can’t leave him alone so they have to travel along and make sure that he stays out of trouble and gets good grades and gets along with all the other kids at the summer camp. ‘Oh, look. This is where Barry will learn about American history, and there’s the building he can learn Spanish so he won’t embarrass himself like he did at that Mexican restaurant last week. And look, here’s Barry talking to some of the professors, wow, he’ll teach them a thing or two, and don’t tell me there’s basketball over there, too, oh, really? Barry can play basketball just like back home. This is so exciting.’ Why, the media is saying they’ve never been so proud of somebody as Obama. Little Barry out there at his little summer camp getting all educated and saving the world at the same time. He’s really not much different than a kid in college here. He’s going overseas on somebody else’s money, taking some classes in the hopes that he might learn something, anything, only it’s being taped by fawning helicopter parents disguised as the Drive-By Media.


RUSH: Okay, I’ve been watching — as I’m sure many of you have, I have been watching and I have been listening — to this trip that Barry has been taking for about two days now, the little summer camp trip, the interview all the heads of various colleges he wants to get into. This trip, which is nothing more than pimping George Bush’s ride, nauseates me. I’ll tell you why. Obama drops into Afghanistan for two days, and then issues pronouncements about the need for more forces there. Now, this is a guy who spent a total of 143 working days in the Senate. This is a guy who had absolutely nothing useful to say (and even less to do with) our successes in Afghanistan; and now he presumes to lecture our nation and the world after a 48-hour visit about what needs to be done in Afghanistan! More troops? Wonder how his peeps on the left are gonna react to that. Everybody knows we need more troops in Afghanistan. The foot-dragging hasn’t been us.

The foot-dragging has been our NATO allies. Perhaps Obama is unaware that this is a NATO mission first and foremost. But I, ladies and gentlemen, know it because I have been there; and I met the NATO air commander at the time when I was in Afghanistan in Kabul. He was from Turkey, and he was an amazing, fascinating guy. But he was running the coalition air forces, and he was NATO. Now, Obama has no idea how to get NATO countries to contribute more troops beyond what they recently said they would add thanks to this administration. Obama’s had nothing to do with it. In fact, Obama chairs a subcommittee that deals with Afghanistan. He hasn’t had one hearing about it! The president and McCain have both said that we need to increase our presence in Afghanistan. So it’s not exactly remarkable that Obama says the same thing. What makes it news is that McCain and Bush saying it doesn’t fit the Drive-By Media narrative.

When Obama says it, whatever he says, fits the narrative, because Obama is their chosen one! He’s The Messiah. He’s their chosen one. So when Obama says we need more troops, they will believe it. If Obama comes out and says we need more troops in Iraq… Just a hypothetical. If Obama comes out and says we need more troops in Iraq, guess who will be the biggest supporter of expanding troop presence in Iraq? The Drive-By Media. They will not question him because he’s Obama. He is the Lord Messiah Barack Obama, and he can see things others can’t. And after his 24 hours, if that much, in Iraq, and after talking with commanders on the ground, if he says we need more troops, you’re going to see the biggest turnaround you’ve ever seen in the Drive-By Media on an issue. So the president and McCain both say we need more troops, it’s not remarkable. But Obama says the same thing?

What I find remarkable is that Obama, after years of trashing and second-guessing the administration’s every move, shows up in Afghanistan and issues pronouncements as if when he speaks it’s more authoritative than when the current commander-in-chief or McCain speak, both of whom actually know something about the subject. And for his handlers to say that in calling for a surge in Afghanistan McCain is copying Obama is hard to stomach. But I will take you back to the New York Times’ rejection of McCain’s op-ed submission where they want McCain, in their own words, to mirror Obama’s piece in the New York Times. They want McCain to copy Obama because that’s the narrative. The template here is that Obama is setting the trend. Obama, who is doing nothing but pimping the president’s ride, is somehow establishing new parameters, new policy, because he’s Obama, because he is The Messiah, because he’s been there now and he has seen it. In 48 hours, he’s seen it, and he knows we need more troops.

Never mind that Bush has been saying that NATO needs to contribute more troops. Never mind that McCain’s been saying it. No, because when they say it, ‘Why trust them? They’re Republicans and warmongers!’ Obama says it, and we believe it because we know he’s a man of peace. So now McCain, he comes out and talks about troops for Afghanistan, the Drive-Bys say that McCain is copying Obama. This is hard to stomach. And now little Barry goes off to Iraq. He’s done all he can to sabotage our armed forces in Iraq. Keep that in mind as he’s en route. He has joined his own party in calling for defeat of US military forces in Iraq. He has promised to get out of there. As Joe Lieberman said on television this weekend, if Obama’s policy in Iraq had ever seen the light of day, there would be no reason for Obama to go there. We wouldn’t be there, and it would be a whole different situation. Little Barry brags about how he opposed their mission, our mission in Iraq, even when he was an unknown state senator.

In the few days that he spent actually working in the US Senate, the guy voted against reinforcement for our troops and supported timetables that would endanger them by laying out for the enemy his surrender strategy. This is Barry Obama! He told the Iranians who have been killing American soldiers and Iraqi citizens as well as arming Hezbollah and destroying the government of Lebanon, that he would meet with them — the Iranians! — without preconditions. Although he has since muddied the water with doublespeak, which thus only encourages them to continue to attack our forces in Iraq. If I were to ask you today exactly what Obama’s position on Iraq is, you’d have three or four to choose from. The point being, he wants to be able to claim whatever position works in the moment. But you watch.

When he finishes a 24-, 48-hour visit there, he’s going to make another pronouncement equally irrelevant or expedient as if he’s throwing lightning bolts from heaven because he is The Messiah! He has no idea what he is doing. My analogy of a little kid going off to college, summer camp is exactly right. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. And do you know why? He does not have an ideological grounding or understanding of the way our enemies operate, the way they are rooted and what their purpose is. He’s not even interested in that. To them, they are just people who can be talked out of their evil because his ego is out of control. Even Joan Vennochi in the Boston Globe is today writing about Obama’s ego out of control. The title of her piece is ‘The Audacity of Ego.’ She even quotes me approvingly, which I think is the first time has ever happened. The idea that four months before a presidential election a candidate can run through these countries, meet some world leaders, and claim experience in these matters may impress the liberal media; but to me, it exposes just how unprepared for the presidency this guy is.


RUSH: So in four months, four months before a presidential election, little Barry, with a total of 143 working days in the Senate, Brian, only 143 working days in the Senate, is now taking a little summer trip, talking to all these leaders and going to all these countries. And, by the way, has he found Bin Laden yet? Guess where he’s not going? He’s not going to the real hot spots. He’s not going to Pakistan, and he’s not going to Iran. And we need more troops in Afghanistan, by the way. Yeah. Everybody’s been calling for, but NATO won’t pony up. So he’s meeting some world leaders, is going to claim experience in these matters, Drive-By Media gonna herald him as a statesman. David Bauder of the Associated Press sent me an e-mail on Friday morning, I forget when it was, and said, ‘Can you give me a quote here? There’s a lot of debate going on over the unfairness of the coverage Obama’s trip abroad is getting versus McCain. McCain’s been there three times, hardly anybody noticed, but Obama is going for the first time and has got a traveling circus with him.’ I wrote back, ‘It’s typical. Not a surprise here. Everybody knows the Drive-Bys are in the tank for Obama.’

I said, ‘Here’s my prediction.’ I made this prediction on Thursday, and it’s true. ‘My prediction is –‘ and this runs in the AP story that’s currently online: ‘My prediction is that the coverage of Obama on this trip will be oriented toward countering the notion he has no idea what he is talking about on foreign policy and defense issues and instead will prop him up as a qualified statesman. McCain, on the other hand, is a known quantity on these issues and his position does not excite nor fit the mainstream media’s narrative on Iraq and Afghanistan, so they simply ignore it and him.’ And isn’t that coming to pass? The idea that this trip, that anything on this trip is going to change his views, not just Iraq, but in the world, his worldview in favor of appeasement and truth be known, this guy is an isolationist, in the sense that he will only deploy diplomacy and nothing else, this is ridiculous. This is a sham, and we’re being distracted by it. This whole thing is nothing more than an orchestrated circus when what’s still on everybody’s mind is gasoline, gasoline, gasoline, and four dollars. This is why, were I McCain, you know where I would be this week? I would be out on an oil rig. I would take the Drive-Bys with me, and I would point out how environmentally safe they are, and I would show how damned impressive they are, as well as the workers. Then if I were McCain I’d fly up to ANWR and I’d take a crew with me, and I would propose drilling with the caveat that once it’s done, it will be restored to the desolate nothing that it is now. There are jobs to be had up there. If I were McCain, next I would go to a nuclear power plant, and I would brag on that technology and the non-CO2 output. Have a bill in hand to cut red tape. These are jobs we’re talking about being created, building new nuclear power plants.

From there I’d go to the newest clean burning coal plant that he can find in the country and brag about that. Have bill in hand to cut red tape to build these plants new. These are jobs. Energy is what’s on the American people’s mind. Four-dollar gasoline is on people’s minds. This Obama thing is a pure, unadulterated sideshow. Obama is not a great thinker. He’s a believer. He has been indoctrinated at his schools, and he has believed what he has been told there. Among those beliefs is that the United States is fundamentally a force for provocation in the world and that the United States is at root responsible for the way we are treated and seen by those who hate us. This is what he believes. He’s not a thinker. It’s a form of self-loathing, ladies and gentlemen, not of himself, of course, because he’s The Messiah, but in the aggregate, self-loathing of nation, the kind of self-loathing of America that the left here and in Europe embraces. That’s why they love Obama, because he loathes America. He blames America. America’s responsible for all that’s wrong in the world. If we just had somebody in touch who has compassion, sensitivity, the rest of the world will miraculously love us. There will be no more evil. But guess what? We’ve turned the corner in Iraq, and now that we’ve turned the corner in Iraq, Obama wants us to get out and fast. He’s got four different positions on this. You could take your pick. But he wanted us to get out immediately in the darkest days of Iraq. He contributed not a single thing to our success there, which in fact occurred despite his efforts to thwart it and those of his party.

He travels around the world the same way he travels around the country, issuing pronouncements from on high, knowing that when he speaks, his words are taken down for all time, that he is smarter than anyone and everyone and that he has been touched by God’s hand for this mission. He is The Messiah. I have never seen a presidential candidate with less to offer this nation, yet with more arrogance and self-delusion than Barack Obama. And you look at the reason and the way that some support Obama, you can understand the roots of tyranny, I think. No, no, no, I’m not saying he’s a tyrant, don’t misunderstand. What I’m saying is that so many people have to suspend both reason and experience to support a guy like Obama. You have to throw out common sense, you have to throw out experience, you have to throw out everything you know and totally entrust a personality that you don’t even know personally. Obama not only thinks that he is the savior, so do his supporters. Obama knows that that’s how he is viewed, as a savior, which is why he speaks as he does, which is why he acts as he does. He knows who his audience is; he knows how to connect with it. He’s brilliant at that. He knows exactly who he’s talking to.

He’s not acting as a president, my friends, as some of his critics have pointed out. He is above the mere office of presidency. He is on this earth to save humanity, and only he knows how to do it and only he can do it. His mind-set is not new. What is new is the extent to which it is worshiped in our country. The Europeans have always fallen in with people like this. I’m not going to mention any names, don’t worry about it, but the Europeans have a history of falling for these kind of people. Americans have always been skeptical of politicians like this. Interestingly in the UK Telegraph, Greg Craig, former Clinton administration lawyer during impeachment, now an Obama supporter — you won’t see this in the Drive-By Media here — but Greg Craig said, you know, we’re a little worried in the Obama campaign about all these high expectations that our voters have for us because we know we’re not going to be able to fulfill them. Now, I don’t know if Obama has heard his buddy said this yet, but Obama fully expects his people to believe he can deliver this stuff. Some of the people in his inner circle are starting to say, ‘Wait, this is a little bit much. We got a guy who’s going to be elected president who’s going to sink sea levels? We gotta get a handle on this.’ Barry doesn’t want to get a handle on it. Barry knows his audience.

Obama’s mind-set, again, folks, isn’t new. Why all of a sudden when in the past it’s been the Europeans that have fallen for candidates and leaders like this, why have we always been skeptical of politicians like this? And what’s changed? Why are we no longer skeptical? Well, it’s due in part to the Oprahization of America and the chickification of our culture and the news business. But it’s also probably a bit more than that. Decade after decade of Big Government promises, propaganda, claiming that one man can deliver you what you want and need and even when that man fails, as he always will, the expectation that with the right man, he will deliver you from poverty, from injustice, from racism, from want, from whatever it is that you want to be delivered from. Despite the overwhelming failure after failure after failure, people still invest in the government to one day get it right. This has led to a steady breakdown of individual responsibility, a breakdown of family, a steady assault on religion.

So when you tear down those institutions, what do you have left? You have government, and who in government do you have? Politicians who promote themselves as capable of doing that which no man can ever do. So Obama is not merely their president. Obama is their father figure. Obama is their preacher. Obama is their Santa Claus all wrapped in one. Obama is their psychiatrist. Obama will calm them. Obama will provide for them. Obama will make the mean goblins in the night go away. Obama will make the bullies of the world like us because they will like him. There will be peace. This is what his believers believe. This is what the Drive-Bys believe. Yes, they do. This is more than just being in the tank. The Drive-Bys, they’re not just being partisan to an ideological comrade. The Drive-Bys are really immersed in this.

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