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RUSH: NAGs, the National Association of Gals, last Saturday in Washington at the 2008 NAGs conference, the president of the NAGs, Kim Gandy, announced nominees for their Hall of Shame. Here is portion of her remarks.

GANDY: Rush Limbaugh for saying on his radio show that nobody wants to see a woman getting old in the White House. We have these certificates we will send in the mail. The certificates say: ‘Certificate of Media Offensiveness Awarded with great disdain in recognition of stupendously ignorant and sexist comments made during the 2008 primary season, presented by Mass Media Hall of Shame.’

RUSH: I am so honored. I hope I actually get this. I know they didn’t quote me right. That’s the whole point. Here, we’ll go back. This comment got under Kim Gandy’s skin right from the beginning, the chairman of the NAGs. This is from the PBS all-chick chat show called To The Contrary, hosted by the radical feminazi Bonnie Erbe.

ERBE: What about the Limbaugh line, let’s get to that, who wants to watch — do we really want to watch a woman age on a daily basis before our very eyes. Could he have said that about Mitt Romney? Could he have said it about John McCain?

GANDY: This from a man with a face made for radio.

HEALY: One of the greatest statesmen in the world was Margaret Thatcher, and she had a magnificent face, and it aged over time and people only loved her more.

NORTON: Oh that was pure sexism. I don’t think he would have said that even about a Democratic candidate.

GANDY: It’s a nonsense comment.

NORTON: And it’s part of Hillary hate, there’s no question about it, and I hope it turns off his own middle-aged listeners as much as it’s turned off most of us.

RUSH: That was Eleanor Holmes Norton hoping again for more disaster. That’s a good point, Snerdley. Eleanor Holmes Norton, when she was young, she was a stunner, she was a looker, when she was young, and they made her delegate to the House from DC, that’s what happens, it’s what happens. I don’t think Kim Gandy was attractive ever, but Eleanor Holmes Norton, now, she, you’re damn right, was a looker.

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