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RUSH: Surely, Mr. Snerdley, you jest when you ask me why the mainstream media is not covering this? I think you are just trying to provoke me into mentioning it myself. The National Enquirer, is running an exclusive and they say they have pictures of it. The Breck Girl, John Edwards, having an affair, caught red-handed with the babe and his love child at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles either Sunday night or Monday night, I forget the days. And they were watching him. They have been following the story for six months and they saw him go in and they saw him come out. He tried to get out of the hotel at 2:40 a.m. I’m really shortening this up, but he saw them; they saw him, and he ducked into a bathroom in a basement. He had gone in a side entrance to avoid the lobby going in the hotel and coming out. They know the room numbers. There was a woman from Santa Barbara who is the babe, and a guy from Santa Barbara, a friend, drove her down to LA for the meeting with the Breck Girl, and a love child was with him. They had two rooms at the hotel according to the Enquirer. The guy and the baby in one room and the Breck Girl and the babe in another room right down the hall from each other on the same floor. The baby was not part of the meeting for awhile, the Breck Girl said hello to the baby, and then the Breck Girl and the babe were in the room by themselves. No cameras in there, nobody knew what went on. The Breck Girl then tried to leave. The National Enquirer reporters and photographers snapped it.

The funniest part of this to me is the Breck Girl ran into a bathroom and feverishly got on a cell phone calling hotel security to come rescue him. I’m picturing in my head the Breck Girl’s combing his hair in there getting ready for his big exit knowing that there are photographers out there. It hasn’t been reported anywhere. The story’s been contained in the blogosphere. The Enquirer first hinted about this six months ago and, of course, the Enquirer has been taken as gospel in stories involving me with virtually every newspaper organization in the world quoting them. The Enquirer was taken as gospel during the O.J. Simpson trial and even given credit for breaking several news stories. Byron York ran a piece last week at National Review Online in their Corner blog and he wondered if this was going to break out into the Drive-By Media, will it break out in the mainstream media. The reason you would ask this is, ‘Hey, he’s on the list of potential vice presidential picks for Obama.’ I’m thinking Obama probably called him up when he heard about this, said, ‘Senator Edwards, you are not the Senator Edwards that I knew, but I need you to get together with my preacher for some counseling.’ And then of course everybody, the blogs are all alive, ‘How could he do this with his wife having cancer,’ and so forth, that angle. But nobody has any evidence that what was going on in the hotel room was anything other than two people sitting there watching Larry King Live repeats even though it was at like 2:40 in the morning when the Breck Girl tried to escape out of there. And when he was spotted by the media, he acted like they had caught him at something. Have you seen a word about this any today? You haven’t. You literally have not. So I’m just picturing the Breck Girl in that bathroom combing his hair on the phone to hotel security begging for a way out of there.


RUSH: When this Breck Girl story first hit, a friend of his said, ‘No, no, no, I’m the one having an affair, that’s my love child.’ And the Enquirer says, ‘We know that’s not true.’ So they’ve been following him around for six months trying to prove it and they think they proved it earlier this week. The Breck Girl did what every reprobate guy does: love ’em and leave ’em. Check in the hotel, Breck Girl, don’t just go in there for a couple hours of quickies and leave at 2:40 in the morning. Check in, pal. Leave at a normal time. Not that I’m an expert, don’t misunderstand.

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