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RUSH: The Drive Bys, ladies and gentlemen, are off-track. I just got a note from somebody and, right as the note began, it said that Obama somewhere said that he is on the Senate Banking Committee. He isn’t on the Senate Banking Committee. We are way beyond Clintonesque with all of this. Anyway, folks, great to have you here. Three hours of broadcast excellence straight ahead here on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.
I was watching television this morning in the midst of feverish and devoted show prep. I was watching Fox and they had a PR guy come on. It was just before 11:00. I forget this PR guy’s name, but he was there as an expert on what’s going on here with the media coverage of Obama and he said something that I think is pretty interesting. He did not deny that they are fellow travelers, the Drive Bys and Obama did not deny that they’re in a tank ideologically, politically and all that, but he said there’s something else going on here, too. He said these people are just excited as hell that history is being made here — and we’ve had this referred to as such before as historic — and they, the Drive Bys, want to make history and they want to be able to say they were there and they want to be able to say that they helped. I think it’s a great point that all of that devolves from this whole white guilt situation from the civil rights days of this country. I think it’s a good point. It doesn’t take anything else off the table. This guy, I wish I could remember his name. I should have written his name down, but I didn’t. In addition to the ideological kinship they have — they are all Democrats, they are all liberals — they want to be a part of history — they want to make history, not just Obama to make history; they want to be able to say they did it. And as such this is why they are running around.

Yesterday I had what I thought was a pretty good illustration of this, and it is this, that the Soviet leaders from Lenin and Stalin all the way up to Brezhnev and Gorbachev, they never got this kind of fawning press from Pravda and they owned it. I mean, they wrote their own press and they didn’t get this kind of good coverage. The Beatles never got this. Princess Di never got this. Victor Davis Hanson has taken up this theme today at National Review Online in a little post on The Corner and he says they are acting like a bunch of adolescents. The Drive Bys have arrested development. They are just a bunch of teenagers here. The only thing they haven’t done is throw their underwear and bras at the guy when he’s up there on stage, yet. By the way, there is another Judas, and the Judas today is the editorial writer at the Washington Post. We had a Judas among the Obama Drive By disciples yesterday, Dan Balz. We’ve got another one. They wrote an editorial today, a lead editorial that just rips Obama for getting it wrong about timelines in Iraq, wrong about Afghanistan being the central front in the war on terror. It’s a pretty devastating piece.

Now, I think something is going on here. The Drive Bys, especially the parents of the Drive Bys, the editorial writers and so forth, people on the op ed page, they realize that this is untenable. Did you see the second quarter profits, New York Times, down 82%? Eighty-two percent! Ladies and gentlemen, when you stop doing your job, people stop paying attention to you. I think a bunch of us pseudo-conservatives are still paying attention to the New York Times. Second quarter profit drops 82%, and you can’t blame that on me because my profile in the New York Times Sunday Magazine was in July, which starts the third quarter. You can’t lump me in with the New York Times failure. (interruption) Yeah, I should do another ad for them. That lasted until the NOW gang got a hold of it and they had to cancel the ad.

Howard Kurtz has a piece today talking about McCain’s gaffes and again wondering, ‘Are these gaffes related to age, a lot of people are very concerned here.’ My friend sent me a note saying, ‘Has Howard Kurtz not listened to the sheer incoherence of Barack Obama? I mean, it’s one thing for McCain to have some of these gaffes like saying Iraq when he meant Afghanistan and Iran when he meant Iraq or whatever. We all do that. But these sound bites, they’re incoherent. Not only that, he’s nothing but a con man. These things, these statements, he’s all over the board with things, he can’t remember who he lied to yesterday and so he keeps telling more and more lies, flip flops, what have you.’ And I wrote back. I said, ‘You’re missing the point. It’s not about what Obama says. It’s how he looks. It’s his presence. It’s the fact that he is alive and that he is walking among his disciples. They don’t care what he’s saying. Doesn’t matter what he’s saying. He’s historic. His is a racial candidacy as far as the Drive Bys are concerned.’ That’s what the historic aspect is. They want history to be made, and the history is a black man being elected President and they want to say they did it. They don’t want to be bystanders to see if he can pull it off on his own.

So after that little exchange with my buddy, I came across this Alessandra Stanley story in the New York Times. She’s a TV critic. This might make some of you people hurl out there. ‘It’s not pro-Obama bias in the news media that’s driving the effusion of coverage, it’s the news: Mr. Obama’s weeklong tour of war zones and foreign capitals is noteworthy because it is so unusual to see a presidential candidate act so presidential overseas. Mr. Obama looks supremely confident and at home talking to generals and heads of state. … When posing for an official photograph with a foreign leader, Mr. Obama often places his hand paternally on the other man’s arm, subliminally signaling that though a visitor, he is the real host of the meeting. Touring ruins of the Citadel in Amman, Mr. Obama strode confidently with his jacket crooked over his shoulder in classic Kennedy style. … McCain aides haven’t been nearly as creative on his behalf: their stagecraft has been notably unflattering to the candidate. While Mr. Obama was shown striding across military tarmacs and inspecting troops standing at attention, Mr. McCain on Monday was seen being driven around in a golf cart by former President George Bush in the resort town of Kennebunkport, Me.’

So my friends, it isn’t what he’s saying. We are the ones pointing out what he’s saying. (interruption) I know it’s an orgasm certainly. You don’t have to tell me. It’s not a news story. It is an orgasm. It is a replay when Clinton was out there on Catalina Island off the coast of San Diego and power crackling from his jeans, except that a guy wrote that one. Alessandra Stanley, a female. It’s an orgasm. But the point is they are not reporting what he says. They don’t care what he says. It doesn’t matter what he says. It doesn’t matter what he stands for. He’s history. He represents something that will make the Drive Bys respect their country and respect themselves. So we’re the ones, ladies and gentlemen, we’re the ones who are reporting to you what Obama says. We are playing his own words to you and we are giving you deft analysis. It does matter what he’s saying, those of us who care about policy and character of people. It certainly does matter, and we are doing again the job the Drive Bys should be doing and maybe at one time used to do.


RUSH: This morning, right before 11:00 Fox News had a guest try to explain why the media’s doing what they’re doing, and he really made some great points. His name is Eric Dezenhall and he is CEO of Dezenhall Resources in Washington DC. We have two sound bites. The hostette and the infobabe Megyn Kelly said, ‘According to the numbers, 49% of the American people believe the press is trying to help Obama win this election. Fourteen percent think that they are trying to help McCain. Is that true?’

DEZENHALL: Oh, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been doing this for 25 years and I think what’s really happening here is the media are motivated more than anything else right now by the sense that they are making history. It’s more about them than it even is Obama, and everything that Obama does is framed in the context of being visionary, and I think that the desire to personally help make history, to say you were there when it happened, probably is even more of a motivator than political bias, which I do think is part of it.

RUSH: That’s an important point. He didn’t throw the political bias, the ideological simpatico out the window, but it’s an excellent point because these people, it almost is more about them than Obama. He is the vehicle for them to be able to say they made history. Not he made history, they did, because they got him elected. He continued with this.

DEZENHALL: It’s about narratives. In a Disney movie, the little blonde girl is not going to be the villain. She is going to save the day. And Obama really owns the Hollywood narrative right now. He is the one who has the more exciting story. It genuinely is a history-making event, regardless of what your political bias is. And that really is what I mean by the media’s devotion to what the narrative is, what the exciting story is.

RUSH: See, I think we’ve been sold a bill of goods on how exciting this is. I’m not arguing with the racial aspect of this being historic. Nobody can. But there’s nothing new about this guy, nothing special about this guy other than that. This is a pure racial campaign. They’re trying to make it anything but that there’s nothing unique about him. He is a leftist. He is an avowed leftist. He runs around with leftists and Marxists. That’s not new. There’s nothing unique. There’s nothing exciting about who Obama is. That’s all been manufactured.

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