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RUSH: Yesterday the official climatologist of the EIB Network, Dr. Roy Spencer, a man of great esteem, flawless character, impeccable scientific credentials, former climatologist at NASA now working out of the University of Alabama at Huntsville, appeared before Boxer’s committee to testify about global warming. This exchange took place.

SPENCER: In conclusion I am predicting today that the theory that mankind is mostly responsible for global warming will slowly fade away in the coming years as will the warming itself, and I trust you would agree, Madam Chair, that such a result deserves to be greeted with relief. That concludes my testimony and I’d be willing to answer any questions.

BOXER: I also want to point out that on your own blog you said you never were told you couldn’t speak about your scientific views. And, lastly, I guess as a certain congratulations, Rush Limbaugh referred to you as the official climatologist of the Rush Limbaugh Excellence in Broadcasting Network.
SPENCER: Yeah, that’s a tongue-in-cheek reference.

BOXER: Right, but I just wanted to point that out for people to understand. I just want to make sure everybody knows what’s really happening.
RUSH: What’s really happening? What is that, Senator Boxer? What is really happening? Did I coach Dr. Spencer, our official climatologist? Isn’t it you Democrats who do this? Isn’t it you Democrats who bring witnesses up and coach them, and you have, especially in judicial nomination hearings and so forth. So once again this is a bit of a projection, Senator Boxer accusing our climatologist of being fraudulent and being coached by me, only because that’s how they do it. I sent Dr. Spencer a note last night telling him I was very proud of his comportment, deportment, the way he handled himself up there, job well done. I have just promoted him to Vice President of the EIB Network/Climatology.


RUSH: You know, if Dr. Roy Spencer were a communist and he went up there and testified yesterday, Barbara Boxer would have defended him against anybody who pointed out that he was a communist. But he wasn’t called a communist. He was called a collaborator with me. And yet nobody stood up to defend (not that he needs it) Dr. Spencer.

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