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Rush’s Morning Update: Kiddie Terror
July 24, 2008

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Some of our friends up north are upset, ladies and gentlemen,that their image is taking a beating. The angst is over thecase of a Canadian-born terrorist, Omar Khadr, who is being held at Club Gitmo.

Khadr is the son of anAl-Qaeda financier. He was raised in Afghanistan. At age 15 he was captured on the battlefield,charged with throwing a hand grenade that killed one American Special Forces soldier and blinded another. Khadr’s defense team recently released video excerpts of his interrogation by Canadian officials at Club Gitmo.

Now, in the video, this littlekiddie terrorist is seen whining for his mommy, and begging for Canada to come to his aid. He complains that he’s being tortured, andhe begsfor medical help for wounds that have not healed since his arrest. He doesn’t bother to mention that he was near death when he was plucked off the battlefield, and that Americans saved his worthless little life.

Naturally, liberals in Canada’s Drive-By Media and Parliament are up in arms. They’re blaming Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harperfor allowing the supposed “mistreatment” of the youthful terrorist to continue at Gitmo. They are complaining that their national reputation as a kind and compassionate country is being ruined.

See — all it takes is one accusing terrorist to get a country full of liberals to roll over and get onboard the compassion train. But they have absolutely no compassion, or even a second thought, for those in the military who arekilled by these terrorists while defending their freedom. They wouldn’t have the guts to defend themselves.

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