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RUSH: I didn’t mention this when this happened, folks, and many of you are going to think that this is harsh and callous. There was an NPR story out of Ohio about a poor family that because of the status of the U.S. economy, could no longer afford to eat meat. Did you see that story? They could not. It was a mother and daughter. You couldn’t tell which was which in the picture. Honest to God, folks, you could not tell which was which. This tag team had 800 pounds. That was not mentioned anywhere in the story, but the picture, you couldn’t miss this. So we have NPR dutifully reporting the squalid conditions, the poverty-level conditions. These poor Ohioans have to work in the only place that they can possibly get a job is within walking distance. I forget what the company is, but the company’s getting ready to move. And it was just one of the biggest sob stories I have ever read and it was all great detail here. I read this, and my mouth is hanging open. I’m looking at the accompanying pictures, my mouth is hanging open. I cannot believe I’m reading this. I’m just going, ‘Damn, how does this story even get written?’ At least if somebody at NPR was thinking, ‘Don’t publish these pictures…’ My friends, I kid you not. You are looking at combined tonnage here of 800 pounds, this mother and daughter in the story about how they couldn’t afford meat. They can afford something. I think, folks, a lot of it is probably delivered.


RUSH: It was NPR that did the story on the mother and daughter in Ohio who can’t afford meat. It was on All Things Considered. The headline here is, ‘For Some Ohioans, Even Meat Is Out Of Reach — A generation ago, the livelihood of Gloria Nunez’s family was built on cars. Her father worked at General Motors for 45 years … Nunez and her six siblings grew up middle class. Things have changed considerably for this Ohio family. Nunez’s van broke down last fall. Now, her 19-year-old daughter has no reliable transportation out of their subsidized housing complex in Fostoria, 40 miles south of Toledo… ‘

Now, that’s all you need to know. Now, for those of you watching on the Dittocam, I’m going to attempt to zoom in so that you can see the picture of the subjects of this sob story. Keep in mind now: ‘For Some Ohioans, Even Meat Is Out Of Reach.’ This is a terribly sad story. Let’s see. I’m trying to do this at the same time. All right, there we go. Do you see that? Let me straighten it out here. I’m giving the people watching on the Dittocam a chance to see this. That’s the lovely mother and daughter family no longer able to afford meat. Well, you can’t tell which one’s the mother and which one’s the daughter.

That’s what I was saying. You just can’t. Now, I don’t know. When I saw this, I said, ‘How in the world do you take this seriously?’ Now, I realize this is a tease for those of you that aren’t able to see the program on the Dittocam, but that means you should sign up. You should become a subscriber. You can watch the program here every day at www.RushLimbaugh.com. Yeah. Here, okay. People want to see it one more time. I’m going to throw it up there one more time. Here we go. Is that focused? Is it focused? Okay, good. That’s the Nunez family after the van broke down. You see what I mean about this? They’re getting something to eat, and somebody has to be delivering it to them.

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