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RUSH: This is Chelsea. Chelsea, thank you for waiting. I’m glad you called. You are on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call. First of all, I want to say thank you so much for taking this slot out because without your show I wouldn’t have been who I am today. I want to, if I may, talk a little bit. I’m 19 years old. I started off at the beginning of the year as an Obama supporter unfortunately and I voted for him in the primaries. I’m registered independent. And I realized the more I spoke about and repeated what he was saying, the more people hated me, and it’s interesting because it is in California and we’re so liberal out here. But I just started sounding really ignorant and I —

RUSH: Give me an example, Chelsea. What would you say in repeating Obama that — and who, what people? Your peers? Your friends?

CALLER: Well, my parents. And my dad, he’s an Obama supporter and we don’t talk politics anymore because now I’m a McCain supporter.

RUSH: Amazing.

CALLER: And I’m thoroughly convinced that if Obama becomes president we’re pretty much doomed. And my question to you throughout all this — and hopefully you can answer at the end — is what can I do? I would do anything to gain support for McCain. Like, I fear a little bit about all the hype that Obama has been getting and all the media and all that. But then it’s starting to sound and look like — and forgive me because I am young — but Britney Spears and her whole tragedy of just being in the spotlight and being so put out there. And the more she was, the more insane she became and —

RUSH: See, I think you’re on to something. I’m really grateful to have your perception of this as a 19-year-old because you’re imbued in the very pop culture that the Obama campaign’s trying to reach. You’re in that demographic.

CALLER: It’s sickening.

RUSH: So this is looking like the Britney Spears show to you minus the meltdowns.

CALLER: Yes. I mean, going to other countries trying to be all sweet and just sounding retarded. Everything he’s saying just sounds bland and he’s basically saying nothing. I was actually watching The Verdict last night and I saw the little snippet of what they — was that his entire speech that was on, the little, like, maybe five minutes that he spoke to everyone in Germany? Or was it actually longer than that?

RUSH: No, it was 27 minutes.

CALLER: Oh, okay. Well, he basically said nothing, and I was very disappointed. I mean, I’m not disappointed. It’s more expected now. He sounds like, when I hear him on the radio or when you guys play snippets, it’s just annoying. It’s just the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard and it seems like he’s trying to be Martin Luther King or something.

RUSH: Wait a second, wait a second. I’ve got to understand a timeline here because —


RUSH: Because you’re 19. And back at the turn of the century, at the beginning of the year you were all gung-ho for this guy and you’ve done more than a 180. You have a visceral dislike. What happened?

CALLER: Well, I was actually at Gay Pride in Long Beach and I met someone on the street from Chicago who’s a conservative and he was not there for Pride obviously. But he was speaking to me and that’s when I started repeating the things, we started talking politics because I’m a political science major and he is, but he’s much older. And I was saying change every second and how we need something new, we need something fresh.

RUSH: We need to change things so Obama won’t leave us unchanged, things like that. Like the past is so yesterday.

CALLER: Yes, exactly. And he questioned everything I said and he —

RUSH: Okay. So wait a minute now, Chelsea. I’m trying to get a mental picture here.


RUSH: You are at a Gay Pride event in Long Beach.


RUSH: How much older is he than you?

CALLER: He’s, I think, four years older than me.

RUSH: Ancient. You’re 19; he’s 23.

CALLER: He was visiting from Chicago and he was lost.

RUSH: That was the next question. You said he had no pride, meaning he’s accidentally at the Gay Pride event where you were.

CALLER: Yes. And he was like so lost and I’m into talking to people. I would talk to anyone and I would cheer and do whatever if it’s about truth. If it’s not, then I obviously question myself. And that’s what’s happening.

RUSH: So this answers my first question. It was a 23-year-old conservative from Chicago who started throwing your words and praise for Obama back at you and you realized how stupid you sounded.

CALLER: Exactly. I’m not that person. I, like you, value honesty, I value integrity and so what I did was, as an Obama supporter at that point, I wanted to go — he was holding a photo shoot/public thing where you could come and he would answer some questions, probably two from the audience and hundreds from reporters, and I wasn’t allowed in because I wasn’t Asian, African-American or white over 52.

RUSH: Yeah, I heard about those, I heard about the way they were stacking the audience. They do that. Every campaign does that. Time is running out. I need to ask you a question. You asked me earlier a moment ago what you could do to support McCain because you are really worried about your future if Obama wins.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. I will move out of the country.

RUSH: No, no, no. No, don’t do that.


RUSH: We’re going to need people like you to reverse some of this. This is dead serious stuff. Is there anything about McCain you like?

CALLER: I love him. First of all, he’s admirable, I’m so glad I said that word right. I mean, the things that he’s been through and the fact, I mean, he said it himself, he would rather win — and he’s got a lot wrath for this — but he would rather win a war than win an election. He cares about people. And I saw when Obama was talking about, he was trying to explain that comment that McCain made about him not caring about his daughters and his family. And I don’t think he cares about the country. I think he is all about the glamour and the glitz. And once he becomes president and he’s sitting in that office, he is not going to know what to do. He’s going to be so confused.

RUSH: Well, he doesn’t know what to do now. Somebody’s running this campaign. Somebody’s writing his speeches, putting words in his mouth. He’s wandering around aimlessly now as The Messiah. Look, Chelsea, this has been fabulous. I wish I had more time but I’m stuck here in the constraints of time with our program.

CALLER: I mean, I can write you an e-mail, right?

RUSH: Yeah, you can, absolutely. ElRushbo@EIBnet.com.

CALLER: I will do it.

RUSH: All right. I look forward to seeing it.

CALLER: Okay. Thank you so much.

RUSH: You bet. Thank you. I was believing everything I was hearing until the last 30 seconds and then I got to go.


RUSH: A very interesting observation from 19-year-old Chelsea in Hollywood. She’s watching this Obama show, the disciples and The Messiah, she says, ‘I feel like I’m watching Britney Spears.’ What does she mean by that? Not that Obama’s Britney Spears but that it’s just a spectator event. It’s media just forcing things on people. I got a couple of e-mails from people, ‘Rush, why is Sarkozy going out of his way to be nice and greet Obama?’ Very simple. The media circus. He’s a politician. Stagecraft. He will gladly get all this attention and accept all this attention that the worldwide media is focusing on him, what, with Obama in town. Doesn’t mean anything. Refuse to see him, he can’t do that. So it all makes sense. None of this is anything to worry about, ladies and gentlemen.

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