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Rush’s Morning Update: No Surge!
July 28, 2008

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My friends, Nebraska’s alleged Republican Senator, Chuck Hagel, came back home from his “Hey, Look at me! I’m Barack’s buddy!” tour in Iraq, and he hadsome advice for both presidential candidates.

Senator Hagel– the “Wizard of Smart”– implored both McCain and Obama to “[q]uit talking about, ‘Did the surge work or not work?’ or, ‘Did you vote for this or support this?'”

Now, it should be fairly obvious why Hagel wants thesurge talk to stop. There’sa continual buzz in some quarters of the Drive-By Mediathat the Messiah,Lord Barack Obama The Most Merciful, might actually look kindly upon Hagel and elevate him to the vice presidency. So, every kiss thatHagel plants on Lord Obama’s rear-endcounts.

Beyond that, both Senator Hagel and Lord Barack Obama The Most Merciful voted against the troop surge. Both of them took turns bashing President Bush, questioning his decision to sendmore troops; and both thoughtthe military would fail to meet their objectives when the troop surge began — and they were both dead wrong.

The overwhelming success ofthe military,beating back the terrorists in Iraq,is a glaring example of an incredible lack of judment from both Obama’s and Hagel– and highlights their arrogance. So any wonder why Hagel wants talk of the surgeto disappear?

As for you, Senator McCain, here’s another one of your senate buddies– this one a fellow Vietnam vet– throwing you under the bus and running you over backward. Are you beginning to find out who your real friends are? Can you say, “gas prices”?

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