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RUSH: Here’s Paul in Buffalo, New York, as we go back to the phones. Nice to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey! New York overtaxed dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I was going to mention we have one month to go before the opening day, but you got me all cranked up with our tax situation here, so thank you, sir. Congratulations, and it’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I’m adrift in a sea of liberals here, and you’re my lifeline so I listen daily. Just one observation from earlier in the week, and I wanted to know if you got any feedback from when you used your Donovan McNabb analogy with Barack Obama’s name in the exact same place in terms of the press’ interest in seeing — originally it was the black quarterback succeed and now it’s — the black presidential candidate succeed. And it went by without much mention, but I thought it was the exact same comment and observation, and I think that’s the way your original comment still holds water.

RUSH: Of course it’s true. Both comments were true, and the one about Obama is especially true. I’ve got so much to try to squeeze in here today. Let me see if I can find it. Well, I’ll take the break to find it because I couldn’t find it in enough time to play it. Andrea Mitchell, some of these Drive-By Media people doing everything they can to save Obama from two things: the fact that he threw the race card down at McCain, and this Britney Spears-Paris Hilton ad that McCain is running. These people — Drive-By Media, liberals — are obsessed with race. You saw it in the Democrat primaries. They’re the ones who are obsessed with race. They have this collective guilt as liberals that you cannot understand. So this campaign is historical. This is an historical Obama campaign, for one reason. It’s not because of his qualifications. It’s for one reason only. It’s his race. And they want to make history. They want to see they made it happen. To do that, they have to prop him up. They don’t think he can do it on his own. They’re ultimately discrimination artists. They’re elitists. There’s no question they want Barack Obama to win, precisely and exclusively because he’s black. There’s no doubt about it.


RUSH: Andrea Mitchell doing her best to defend Obama. The first one here, this is from Scarborough’s show this morning. This is Andrea Mitchell doing her best to tell the audience of this television show, ‘There was nobody that was with Obama when he was talking about he’s going to look different than any other president on the dollar bill, nobody thought he was talking about race.’

MITCHELL: I have to tell you that the people who heard Barack Obama say what he said Wednesday night — and it is very similar to things he’s said in Paris and Berlin and a lot of other stops — it’s very self deprecating. He says, ‘You know, I don’t look like other people who have been president of the United States.’ Most people who watch that, I don’t know very many people who watched that and the people in the audience, the reporters, have never interpreted, never inferred from that that he is making some kind of racial statement. But that’s the way the McCain camp says that they took it.

RUSH: What the hell else could he possibly have been talking about? His ears? They think we’re that dumb; they think we’re that stupid. They’re the ones that are out of touch. They’re looking at him in a totally different way than everybody else. He’s running a racial campaign! He started out trying to be a post-racial candidate. It didn’t fly. But this is just incredible. What could he have possibly been talking about? When he says, ‘They’re going to try to scare and you they’re going to say, uh, I don’t look like all those others, uh, you know, I don’t look like, uhhhh, those other presidents on the dollar bills out,’ what did they think he’s referring to? His ears? They knew exactly what he means. Now, here is Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, on MSNBC Live yesterday afternoon fighting for Obama on the Britney Spears, Paris Hilton ad.

DAVIS: What we did is we looked at three of the top celebrities of our time. And if you look at what the campaign that Barack Obama has waged you would have to say he’s become one of the global celebrities of our time.

MITCHELL: Why compare him to two pop stars?

DAVIS: Andrea, do you not believe that Barack Obama is a celebrity?

MITCHELL: That’s not the way I would define it. I think the word celebrity has a certain pejorative —

DAVIS: (talking right over Andrea Mitchell) I mean, when I’m in a grocery store — and I still have time to go shopping every now and then — he’s on the front cover of every tabloid. He’s on the front cover of every magazine. He’s on the front cover of every celebrity journal that you’ve seen.

RUSH: Wow! That’s Rick Davis of the McCain campaign. Is that not exciting to hear him fighting like this? I mean, because there’s some passion in his voice. There was some enthusiasm in his voice there. No, he’s not going to get thrown under the bus. I predict you McCain will not throw him under the bus. Positive. This ad’s working. This ad’s working. They’re not going to throw him under the bus. He’s exactly right. She looks at the term celebrity as a pejorative. See, they are so offended. That’s why they’re out there saying, ‘This is going to diminish McCain. This is going to make him look small in so many people’s eyes.’ Wrong. It’s correctly identifying Obama — and his audience! His audience is a bunch of celebutard, and he’s a celebutard, and they know it. If they are so concerned about how this is diminishing McCain, then they should ask McCain to keep doing these kind of commercials. If these commercials hurt McCain, why, they ought to be out there saying, ‘Great ads, Senator! You need to expand on this theme that Obama is nothing but a celebutard.’

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