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RUSH: Speaking of The Messiah, he was heckled today. The Messiah heckled in St. Petersburg Florida.

OBAMA: Hold on a second. (heckles) Hold on a second. (booing) That’s all right. That’s right, all right. Listen. Excuse me. (shouting) Hey. Hold on a second. (chanting) Hold on, everybody. Excuse me, young man. This is going to be a question-and-answer session, so you can ask a question later. Let me make my statement. (applause) Why don’t you all sit down. Then you can ask a question. That’s all — sit down. You’ll — you’ll have — you’ll have a chance to answer your question, but you don’t want to disrupt the whole meeting. Just be courteous, that’s all. All you gotta do is be courteous. That’s all. Just be courteous and you’ll have a chance to make a statement. Just relax. That’s all. Just relax. You’ll have a chance. All right. Where was I, and what was I talking about?

RUSH: Well, they succeeded in heckling The Messiah. They unfurled large banners there that said: ‘What about the black community, Obama?’ And he was clearly shouted down. This is something that we haven’t seen before on the campaign, ladies and gentlemen, and that is The Messiah being heckled. In addition to that, I saw this this morning, and I was just blown away. Obama wants another stimulus check sent to every American. He wants the check to be in the amount of $1,000. And do you know who he wants to be responsible for paying for this? Big Oil. Oh my God, is right. Democrat presidential candidate, the Lord Barack Obama, The Messiah.


RUSH: Seriously, Obama wants a new windfall profits tax on Big Oil because of these huge profits that they announced yesterday and another $1,000 stimulus check to every American that qualifies (which would be most, certainly not me) paid for from this windfall profits tax. This is idiotic. Once again it’s pure pandering and pure populism and these guys can’t figure out who their villain is going to be. When oil was approaching $150 a barrel, of course the evil villains are the spectators. Now it’s back to Big Oil. Even the Los Angeles Times today got it right in an editorial: Nearly 50% of those profits reported by Big Oil are taxable.

That means federal taxation on the Big Oil profits. So whatever you read — $11 billion, whatever the number — half of it already goes to the federal government, and they want a windfall profits tax. There are a lot of things about this whole business of oil that a lot of people do not understand, but I just find it fascinating. Nancy Pelosi and the gang have left town. There is nothing going to be done for five weeks, not a single appropriation bill, nothing on drilling. And it was just four years ago, remember how John Kerry was hounding President Bush to go ‘jawbone’ the Saudis and bring the oil price down? Now, four years later, all they want is for the price to remain high. They want you miserable. They want you suffering.


RUSH: Looking at the polling data, Obama and McCain are tied now in the daily Gallup tracking poll, 45-44. (interruption) What do you mean, oh, no? You like McCain being ahead? Well, no, he probably is in likely voters. This is just registered. The point is this. Something’s happened. The bloom is off the Obama rose. The Drive-Bys cannot save him. This whole messiah thing has blown up. I think the trip, the world tour, was a disaster. I’m telling you something, folks, he had a 15-point lead. The American people don’t want to vote for a rookie, somebody they don’t know who shows up across the pond and starts trashing this country. They would appreciate perhaps even a little thanks from somebody who seeks to be their leader and the president, but I think it’s become clear, he’s been revealed as nothing more than your average closet variety liberal who perhaps is more dangerous than anybody suspects because of his associations.

This guy’s views are clearly reflected in the people that he’s hung around and have mentored him, such as his preacher, Jeremiah Wright, and Bill Ayers, his terrorist buddy, and Tony Rezko and who knows who else. But it’s clear, I mean look at how this commercial that McCain ran with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in it, it’s got ’em totally discombobulated. They don’t know how to deal. The Drive-Bys are discombobulated. The media is doing everything it can to point out that he’s not a B celebrity, he’s not one of these pop culture icons, brainless celebutards. They’re circling the wagons, but it has hit and it has stuck, and you can tell it’s stuck by how much the Obama campaign keeps trying to brush it off. They’re out there saying, ‘This is bad for Senator McCain,’ the Drive-Bys and the Obama campaign, ‘This is bad for Senator McCain. This has diminished Senator McCain.’ Well, if that’s right they should want him to do it even more, right? They should be asking McCain to produce more commercials like this that portray Obama has nothing but a celebutard. But they’re not. They’re trying to get this thrown out of everybody’s mind as quickly as possible.

Also, something else. As you know, and this is I think one of the reasons that the bloom is off the Obama rose, after all, he got heckled today in St. Petersburg, Florida. He goes over to Europe, and he and his buddies in the Democrat Party have made it plain since 2000, 2004, that we need to emulate the sophisticated Europeans, the European elites. That’s what we need to be like. We gotta make sure we change America so that they like us, the Europeans are so far advanced. Now, let’s contrast one thing. Let’s contrast energy and how it is provided in Europe versus how it is provided here in the United States. As you know, Obama wants everybody to inflate their tires and get a tune-up so we don’t have to drill for oil. Seriously. He made this as a serious policy statement. Inflate your tires, get a tune-up, and we’ll save as much oil as what we would get from drilling. We have about four Saudi Arabias worth of oil, if you count the shale, ANWR, and the way offshore. He doesn’t want to go get it. And of course he can’t build a nuclear power plant, oh, no, no, no, we can’t do coal. We gotta build stupid windmills. We gotta drive smart little bubble cars that don’t make left turns. We have to downsize. We have to reduce our footprint.

Well, get this. How much of the world currently operates on nuclear facilities? World Citizen, an uber-fan of all things European says that they’re wrong. Approximately 45% of the world currently operates nuclear facilities. Thirty-three percent of new reactor construction exists within Europe. The Messiah, the erudite world citizen, opposes nuclear power. And yet he wants us to emulate the Europeans. The Democrats have made it clear, ladies and gentlemen, that we will not be moving forward as a nation, as a society, if they end up in charge. I’ll tell you something, it’s looking more and more like there’s big trouble. There’s a dirty little secret out there that the pollsters will not tell you, but I, ladies and gentlemen, the brave and courageous host that you have come to know and love and respect will tell you. If Obama doesn’t have at least a ten-point lead in the polls, he’s toast. When he had that 15-point lead, that was actually going to end up as a five point victory if the election had been held that day, because there’s the Bradley Effect. I am telling you that there are people telling pollsters they’re going to vote for Obama, but they’re not going to when in the privacy of the voting booth. If he doesn’t get that poll lead back up to 15 points, and they know it, he is in big trouble.

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