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“Obama really is like a man-child. He’s so spoiled rotten. Things don’t go his way, and he’s gotta whine and moan and complain.”

“Say we use 25% of the world’s resources — I don’t even believe it, but let’s accept it as true for the sake of it. You know why we do? ‘Cause we can! And the others can’t! And what we do with it is in the interests of the betterment of all mankind!”

“Can you imagine the Denver city council having to pass laws that say you cannot carry feces and pee around if you plan on using it for ‘nefarious purposes’? Ha, ha! Oh, this is just too good.”

“Everybody knows the wealthy don’t care about their money; they just give it to the broker and if he loses some, fine — write it off, go play golf, and buy another airplane.”

“Get this: I just was made aware that I have been requested by al-Jazeera to sit for an interview during the Republican National Convention. I’m too famous to go to that thing!”

“I don’t think Obama has much fun. I mean, he hasn’t hung around people who enjoy life. He hangs around peoplewho are, you know, enraged and angry and ticked off all the time — from his college professors on down to his terrorist buddies.”

“At the end of the day, all of this Brett Favre stuff is just nothing but fun because it’s sports — and sports is an escape from the humdrum of the Obamas and the McCains and the leftists.”

“For crying out loud, when you stand up and say, ‘We’re the ones that we’ve been waiting for’, and ‘I’m going to lower the sea level four feet’, you have a messianic complex.”

“That stupid column by Bob Herbert in the New York Times has now been picked up by the entire left-wing. They think that Paris Hilton and Britney Spears ad is now a ‘racist’ ad because it had three ‘phallic symbols’ in there and two white women known for being scantily clad. They got nothing, folks!”

“I know exactly what Obama is afraid of: he is afraid of independent market prosperity.”

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