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Rush’s Morning Update: Defeat
August 7, 2008

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According to a Wall Street Journal report this week, Muqtada al-Sadr has decided to change his ways. Mookie, who headed up the Mahdi Army, was once the dominant terror figure in parts of Baghdad and other Iraqi cities. But the times, they are a-changin’ –and Mookie is changing with the times.

He is reorganizing his once-powerful Mahdi Army;its members have been told they must no longer use weapons. The new organization will focus on social services,delivering education and social justice. That’s right:Mookie al-Sadr is turning into a “community organizer” — Iraq’s Obama.

How did this happen? Well, earlier this year, Democrats were certain that the strongman-cleric Mookie was successfully leading Iraq into a civil war. The anti-American demonstrations by his thug army were flashed across TV screens on a daily basis. The violence and murder by Mookie’s boyswere touted by the media as sending Iraq spinning out of control. Mookie appeared invincible…at least, to the American left.

But now Iraq’soff of the front pages,andthe defanging of al-Sadr is a monumental defeat. Not just for Mookie and his boys, but for the Madhi Democrat Party here in America– led by Barack Obama, who recently visited Iraq, giving credit to everybody but our military for the resounding victory that they’re earning.

Look at it this way: Lord Obama hasn’t even been nominated yet,and he’salready sufferedanother massive foreign policy defeat. His campaign’s in a “quagmire”.And Obama? We cannot inflate our way out of this!

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