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RUSH: Remember all those times, ladies and gentlemen, I warned you never, ever trust a Clinton? Nothing that happens with the Clintons is a coincidence? Isn’t it interesting, with the Lord Barack Obama plunging in the polls, there’s a story today from the Huffington Post about how he’s losing in Pennsylvania, and they can’t believe it. He ought to be cleaning up in Pennsylvania. We can believe it. We saw him lose Pennsylvania to Mrs. Clinton, and there was no evidence that he was going to pick up the votes that she won, so they’re all concerned about that. And Bill’s out there now starting to give interviews about whether or not Obama is qualified, and of course Bill’s also doing some other things out there. You know, he’s probably picking up the phone, he’s making phone calls. You know he is. (doing Clinton impression) ‘Look, this guy can’t win. Look at that media contention, went over there, went over there to Europe, and he’s plummeting in the polls. The guy can’t win, he can’t win. His numbers are sliding. I warned you. I warned this is going to happen.’ You know those phone calls are being made. Mrs. Clinton, after earlier in the week saying she did not want her name placed in nomination at the convention, now says she does.

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This is juicy. Victor Davis Hanson today, National Review Online, says the Democrats have to be having buyer’s remorse over Obama. This is not going the way anybody thought it was going to go, and they had ample time to do something about this during the primaries but they just couldn’t bring themselves to take the nomination away from a black guy. So they’re in a situation, McCain is doing well in places he’s not supposed to be doing well, they’re all scratching their heads over this, the Democrats are. They just can’t figure it out. There’s no unity behind The Messiah, is the bottom line here.


RUSH: Mrs. Clinton, ladies and gentlemen, July 31st of this year — a mere week ago, essentially — at a California fundraiser.

HILLARY: What will happen at the convention in, uh, respect to, you know, my putting my name in the nomination, a roll call vote and the usual kind of, uh, process that occurs at conventions. Now —

MAN: Vice president!

HILLARY: Well, you know, we’re —

WOMAN: President!

HILLARY: We’re trying to — we’re trying to work that out with the Obama campaign and with the DNC. I happen to believe that we will come out stronger if people feel that their voices were heard and their views were respected.

CROWD: (screeching and applauding)

HILLARY: I think that is a very big part of how we actually come out unified.

RUSH: All right. Operation Chaos. Operation Chaos! Mrs. Clinton wants her name placed in nomination. July 31st, California fundraiser, she then said this.

HILLARY: We do not want any Democrat — either in the hall or in the stadium or at home — walking away saying, ‘You know, I’m just not satisfied. I’m not happy.’


FEMALE VOICE: That’s right.


HILLARY: I mean that’s what I’m trying to avoid.

RUSH: Can you believe this? This is just a week ago. We don’t want anybody at the convention walking away saying they’re unhappy, unsatisfied. Now, how the tell could that happen when they’re nominating a messiah? If there’s all this unity behind Obama, if there’s all this excitement, if there’s all this fainting and swooning and 45,000 more at his speeches, then how could anybody leave there ‘unsatisfied’? This is sounding more and more like the Republican convention of 1976. That whole convention, Ronald Reagan kicked butt. Every speech he gave was far better than Gerald Ford. But Gerald Ford was the incumbent, and the old party hacks were not going to upset the apple cart now, and everybody knew they were nominating the wrong guy.

Folks, I think there’s some of that going on in the Democrat Party now, that they have nominated the wrong person. This guy should be up by 10 to 15 points; the Drive-Bys writing stories about why isn’t that happening. Now Mrs. Clinton saying, we gotta get names in nomination out there — her name in nomination — so that people don’t walk away unhappy, ‘dissatisfied’? (laughter) You know that old Bill is out there working the phones. ‘I warned you people. I warned you. I tried to tell you, but he threw the race card out on me and distracted everybody, and I had to run around and defend myself on race. I’m the first black president of this country, and I had to run around and tell everybody, ‘I’m not a racist.’ I warned you. I said, ‘This is not gonna work. This guy can’t win. He can’t get enough votes, get enough support, and he’s got no experience at all.’

‘Look, he had all that media coverage over there when he went over, that ‘summer intern tour,’ as Limbaugh calls it. He’s exactly right about that, and what happened? His numbers fell, and keep falling. I tried to warn you.’ Don’t ever, ever think that anything that happens with the Clintons is anything but coincidences. Nothing is coincidence with the Clintons, and never, ever trust ’em. From the AmericanThinker.com today, a story: ‘Could Obama Still Lose the Nomination? — Will Hillary Outsmart Obama and take the nomination at the last minute? Many of us familiar with Hillary Clinton’s approach to achieving her goals refused to believe that she ever gave up all hope of winning the nomination and the presidency. Her words and actions on the subject of the convention itself always left the door open for a return, should Obama falter or suffer some calamity.

‘Her artful evasions were enough to lull journalists and (more importantly) Obama and his supporters into the presumption of inevitability. No further rumblings of a mass protest in Denver should the first black candidate be denied his rightful due were heard. After all, he received enough publicly expressed support from super delegates to put him over the top. And he won the popular vote in the primaries, we were assured, lending legitimacy to the super delegates who voiced their support. Everyone presumed the presumptive nominee was a lock. Now there are a few signs that Hillary may be making her move. Blogger Patterico alludes to the Hillary Clinton campaign burning up the phone lines to the super delegates.’ That’s right, just as I just told you. And who’s burning those old phone calls but old Bill. ‘Bill Clinton told ABC News, ‘I am not a racist’ and contended the race card was played against him.

‘Even when prompted in the same interview to state that Obama was ready for the presidency, he did not deliver. Hillary’s PUMA (short for ‘Party Unity My [Derrier].’) supporters in Denver and nationally plan a rally at a Denver park during the convention. ABC news reported yesterday that Hillary Clinton does not rule out putting her name in nomination, contradicting earlier press reports.’ Now, ‘If the party goes along with Obama’s request, it reduces the number of super delegates who would need to sit out…’ Well, ‘After accepting the party’s decision last June to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida but with half votes, only days ago Obama said he wanted the delegates to have full votes.’ Now, obviously he said this believing he’s won the nomination and that pandering to voters in critical general election states is of more importance, so he wanted to give all these people in those states full votes.

‘If they go along with his plan then it reduces the number of superdelegates, that would need to sit out the first ballot for Obama to be denied the nomination, which would open the way for Clinton. Now, this is proof that the man should not be negotiating with Ahmadinejad. If he can’t think strategically and recognize his vulnerability to a last-minute ambush at the convention, he’d be eaten alive in big league world affairs.’ He’s not a strategist. He’s a learner. He absorbs knowledge, and he’s able to repeat it. But like all elitists and like all people with profound egos, he thinks that simply the force of his personality is all he needs to accomplish anything — be it with Ahmadinejad or keeping Hillary at bay or what have you. Now, David Axelrod is the campaign architect and guru behind The Messiah, and he was on Scarborough’s show today on DNCTV. And Scarborough said, ‘Hillary Clinton thinks her name should be on the ballot in Denver. What do you think?’

AXELROD: We’re working closely with them. You know, we put out a joint statement last night. We’re going to work this out. I know that you guys love conflict and you love intrigue and all that stuff. Senator Clinton talks to, uh, Senator Obama regularly. She’s campaigning for us, uh, tomorrow in Nevada. So we’re going to work this out.

RUSH: Work what out? And according to who are you going to work this out? I mean, you’re going to work out all of a sudden she wants her name placed in the nomination? Well, how are you gonna work that out? Either gonna let her do it or not let her do it. What is there to work out? You guys have The Messiah. He’s already president! Don’t you understand? I can’t believe Axelrod’s forgotten this. He’s been treated at president when he went over to see Sarkozy, he was treated as president when he was over to Germany. Not by Merkel, she didn’t do that. He’s been treated as president everywhere. He took the American flag off his campaign plane. The chair that he sits in on his campaign plane says ‘president’ on it. He’s got the campaign logo: BarackObama.com for president. He already thinking he is the president. Yet they gotta work something out here with Mrs. Clinton, who the last we knew was vanquished. So Scarborough then said, ‘Well, when Bill Clinton can’t even say whether your candidate’s qualified to be the president of the United States, I don’t think that that’s looking for conflict. I think that’s an in your face.’

AXELROD: Did you see the interview?

BRZEZINSKI: I sure did.

AXELROD: Mika, the — the — the fact is that there was a, you know, I think that there was a — a picking at the scab there, and I thought he was pretty restrained in response.

RUSH: Ahhhh! They were picking a scab. It was Kate Snow that did the interview for ABC. It was picking a scab? What’s the scab? All she did was ask Clinton if Obama was qualified. Here is what Clinton said to that, by the way.

CLINTON: You could argue that no one’s ever ready to be president. I mean, I certainly learned a lot about the job in the first year. You could argue that even if she’d been vice president for eight years that no one could ever be fully ready for the pressures of the office and that everyone learns something, and something different. You could argue that.

SNOW: You think he’s completely qualified to be president?

CLINTON: The Constitution sets qualifications for the president, and then the people decide who they think would be the better president. I think we have two choices. I think he should win and I think he will win.

RUSH: Now, folks, I don’t care what that last comment was. This is not an endorsement. He will not say whether or not Obama is qualified ’cause they haven’t given this up. Mark my words. And what fun would that be?

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